Kirkuk writers express solidarity with the HDP

Kirkuk writers reacted to the harassment of the HDP and said that the Turkish state has crossed the borders of democracy and stated that they would stand by the HDP against all attacks.

The writers in Kirkuk reacted to the repression and attacks against the HDP in Northern Kurdistan. The HDP municipalities were seized with a political coup which stripped the people of their will.

Hîmdad Şahîn, a writer and politician from Kirkuk, underlined the HDP's role in Northern Kurdistan and said: “This coup reveals once more the political impact of the HDP in Turkey. The Istanbul election results also show this. In North Kurdistan, only the HDP represents the Kurdish people and defends their rights. Leader Apo said ‘When you're right even if the whole world is against you, you will win, but if you're wrong, even if the whole world is with you, you will lose’.”

Simko Behroz, a writer and historian from Kirkuk, underlined that democracy is very important. "Democracy measures are important all over the world. The success of the HDP and the municipal achievements in North Kurdistan are legitimate rights.”

Behroz added: "The Turkish state has gone beyond the borders of democracy with the seizure of the municipalities of Amed, Van and Mardin. Turkey is ruled now by an undemocratic political Islam. I will continue to support HDP to the end."

“Kurds should support the HDP everywhere”

Writer and historian Sitar Ceberî stressed that everyone should react against injustice.

“The Turkish state - he said - has not only usurped the rights of the Kurds in North Kurdistan, but has usurped the rights of all Kurds.”