KDP sends troops to the border of Qesre and Wertê

KDP forces dispatched military shipments to Çoman and Rewanduzê and also deployed their soldiers on the border in Qesre and Wertê.

The KDP's provocations against the guerrilla areas continue. The KDP, threatening the people in the region, continues its military shipments and stockpiles to the Medya Defense Zones.

Having deployed its military forces in Rewanduzê and Çomanê with heavy weapons, the KDP is currently positioning soldiers on the border along the regions of Qesre and Wertê. The KDP is building positions on the great hills in preparation for war.

The places where the KDP has being deployed soldiers are as follows: Çiyayê Kulîtar, Girê Mayne Sor and Girê Xanulan.

The places where KDP forces have made military buildups and positions in Wertê are as follows: Şaxî Gewre, Zincîre çiyayê Direbî, Zînî Estêrokan (Zînî Wertê) and Kêle.