International organizations silent in the face of the migrants

The number of migrants in the Ayn Îsa camp increases every day. There are limited means and human rights organizations are silent in the face of this situation.

Raqqan migrants who had to move due to ISIS gangs’ practices are staying in Ayn Îsa camp.

Right now there are three thousand migrants in Ayn Îsa camp. Only the Girê Spî Autonomous Administration and some regional organizations are supplying aid for the migrants with their limited means.

The migrants sold off all their belongings to pay for the journey to be rid of ISIS gangs and reach safe zones, and now they can’t afford the costs of raising children.

A migrant named Xelil Ehmed (26) said they are having trouble because the amenities in the camp are insufficient to fulfill their food and other needs and added: “We only have bread and water, and that is provided by the camp administration committee.”

Salih El Xedban (59) who fled ISIS cruelty and is now staying in Ayn Îsa camp said they don’t only have food issues, but that they didn’t have blankets to protect them from the cold either.

El Xebdan called on the UN and international human rights organizations to fulfill the needs.

The number of migrants in Eyn Isa camp increase everyday, there are 150 to 200 new arrivals daily.