International delegation stopped on the way to Qandil

The international delegation "Defend Kurdistan" and representatives of Kurdish movements and parties were stopped at the last checkpoint before the Qandil region. Security forces fired warning shots.

On Monday, the international peace delegation of the Defend Kurdistan Inintiative set out for a “human shield” action in the Qandil region in the guerrilla-protected Medya Defense Zones together with the Kurdish youth movement (Tevgera Ciwanên Welatparêz ên Kurdistanê) and the militant young women's movement (Tevgera Jinên Ciwan ên Têkoşer).


At the last checkpoint before the Qandil region, near Sengeser, the activists were stopped by security forces. As the delegation continued to be detained, the activists started a protest march. After about 200 meters, security forces fired warning shots, stopping the protest march.

One activist was injured during the attack. Journalists who tried to document the events were beaten. A press conference is now being held at the checkpoint.