HPG releases balance sheet of war for one month

HPG Press Office has released the balance sheet of war in Kurdistan for the last one month. Accordingly, 394 Turkish soldiers, 61 special operation members and 16 police officers were killed in actions and clashes.

HPG (People's Defense Forces) Press Office has released the balance sheet of war in Kurdistan for the last one month.

HPG remarked that Erdoğan and the AKP government started a war against the Kurdistan people revolutionary democratic forces after suspending the negotiation process in the face of the success achieved by the people of North Kurdistan in June 7 election.

HPG said this war concept, which had already begun with the aggravated isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, reached a further dimension with the comprehensive attacks launched against the Kurdish movement as of July 24.

The statement pointed out that the airstrikes and operations against guerrilla forces in Medya Defense Zones have been conducted as part of the most intense annihilation war of recent years.

Recalling that the Turkish airstrikes have also targeted many civilian settlements, as a result of which eight local people were killed in Qandil's Zergelê village, HPG said Turkish security forces on the other hand attacked and murdered youths resisting to the attacks in Silvan, Varto, Silopi and Cizre in Northern Kurdistan.

HPG stated that guerrillas responded with effective actions to these massacres and attacks which targeted the democratic will of Kurdistan and Turkey peoples in Northern Kurdistan and the annihilation strikes against guerrilla areas in South Kurdistan.

HPG listed the following figures of the balance sheet of the war since July 24;

Reconnaissance flights by unmanned aerial vehicles: 44

Operations by Turkish army and clashes: 62

Strikes by Cobra type helicopters: 25

Tank, mortar and howitzer attacks: 217

Airstrikes by jets: 87, 15 of which were conducted in Northern Kurdistan and 72 in Medya Defense Zones

Actions by guerrilla forces: 191

Soldiers killed in actions and clashes: 394

Soldiers wounded in actions and clashes: 142

Police officers killed: 16

Police officers wounded: 36

Special operation members killed: 61

Special operation members wounded: 33

Vehicles damaged: 63, including 10 helicopters and 3 tanks

Vehicles destroyed: 50, including 2 tanks

Vehicles burnt down: 74

Road closure actions: 50

HPG said guerrillas also seized a large quantity of ammunition belonging to Turkish forces.

While the results of 54 actions conducted by guerrillas couldn't be verified, the actions of self-sacrifice in Van, Adana, Ağrı-Bazid and Istanbul are not included in the figures announced in the balance sheet.

HPG said 42 guerrillas lost their lives during the past one month, among whom 18 were martyred in operations and clashes, 16 in airstrikes and 8 in actions of self-sacrifice.

The statement reported that 32 civilians lost their lives in the attacks of the Turkish army in Northern Kurdistan and Zergelê massacre in South Kurdistan since July 24.