HPG Commander Armanc Med: This war will end in victory

HPG Commander Armanc Med stated that today's guerrilla resistance is based on the legacy left by July 14 and said, "We know that this war will be difficult, but it will end in victory."

Armanc Med, one of the commanders of the HPG (People’s Defense Forces), answered the questions of Bihar Zagros for a special program on Stêrk TV. Noting that the Kurds have been subjected to intense policies of denial, destruction and assimilation in the 20th century despite their long-standing historical reality, Commander Med said, "What was once the garden of humanity has now been turned into hell. The Turkish state pioneered this."

Remarking that the guerrilla will achieve great successes against the invaders in 2024, Armanc Med said, "We believe in our strength, we will do our best. We will take our struggle to the top by strengthening our participation.

The PKK's power stems from its embrace of the truth

Emphasizing that Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's breakthrough with the PKK has a very important meaning, Armanc Med said that the PKK's power stems from its embrace of the truth. Drawing attention to the character of Abdullah Öcalan and the PKK's rejection of despair and insecurity, Armanc Med emphasized that the PKK embraces all human values.

The HPG Commander pointed to the PKK's great struggle against multifaceted attacks and underlined that it has a great power of analysis. "It is necessary to know the PKK and Leader Apo well," Armanc Med said, recalling that international forces had been surveilling the PKK even in the 1970s.  Med said, "Leader Öcalan saw this and that is why he was very subtle. Everything he did was planned and conscious."

Commander Armanc Med stated that the PKK's struggle was built on the values of the martyrs, recalling the torture in the dungeons and the historical resistance of the PKK's leading cadres. He stressed that the PKK, which was always said to be captured and defeated, passed great tests and declared its victory. Armanc Med said that today's guerrilla resistance has developed on the legacy left by the July 14 resistance.

We know that the war will be difficult

Noting that the tactics used by the guerrillas against the Turkish soldiers were successful, Armanc Med stated the following: "Many of our valuable comrades were martyred in this process. In addition, our people were subjected to atrocities and attacks. The isolation imposed on Leader Öcalan still continues. We know that this war will be difficult, but we believe in our strength, so we will do our best. On this basis, we will strengthen our participation and take our struggle to the top. This war will end in victory.”