Guerrillas warn the KDP forces in Metina

HPG guerrillas have reportedly warned the KDP forces deployed in Metina, while the KDP forces ignored the warning and are preparing for a provocation.

Armed forces of South Kurdistan’s ruling KDP party have set up a checkpoint in the Birifka triangle area and near the petrol station in the village of Seferya in Metina region on November 23.

Reports are coming through that KDP is deploying armed forces and military equipment to the Berwari region and the school in the village of Birifka has been turned into a headquarter.

Local sources report that the KDP forces stationed in the mentioned locations have been ordered to monitor and check the activities of HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) guerrillas.

Remarking that the KDP forces also seek to restrict the movement sphere of the guerrilla, local sources say that HPG has warned these KDP forces to abandon this provocative attitude.

KDP’s armed forces have ignored the warnings of the guerrillas and are preparing for a provocation, according to local sources.