Former peshmergas: Attack on Shengal serves the enemy

Former peshmergas criticized the attack of gang groups affiliated with the KDP and the Turkish state on Shengal, and said that the attack serves the occupant forces and should be ended immediately.

Former peshmergas stated that guerrillas and peshmergas should stand together in joint fronts like they did in Kirkuk, Xaneqin and Kobanê when ISIS attacked, stressing that the people do not accept the recent attacks on Shengal by any means.

Below are the evaluations former peshmergas made for ANF on the attack on Shengal:

Ali Muhamed: Fighting against another Kurdish organization is a huge mistake. This is the occupants' plan to make Kurds fight one another. We have to struggle in order to defeat this plan. We should stay away from the plans that intend to make the Kurds fight and kill one another. Those that call upon the PKK to leave Shengal should first make the Turkish forces in Bamernê and other places leave.

As peshmergas, our motto used to be the liberation of entire Kurdistan. Now, they are trying to make Kurds kill one another. How long will this last, when will unity be established?

Those that attack Shengal are a force fighting for the occupants. There were people that we called 'traitors' during our time. Now, occupant states use these forces just like the 'traitors' of our time. I ask all Kurdish people to unite and not be an instrument of the enemy. Any Kurd that fights against another Kurdish force is a traitor because this means the implementation of the occupants' plans.

Hawkar Abdullah: We are at the anniversary of Raperin. On this occasion, I commemorate all of our martyrs. I condemn the attack launched on Shengal by the name of 'Roj peshmergas'. There is nothing righteous or legitimate in such an attack. As Kurds, we should not have been used by our enemies. On the contrary, we should have frustrated their plans.

Enemies of the Kurdish people are trying to put Kurds through a massacre. The blood of guerrillas and peshmergas is the same. Attacking Shengal with a force like this serves the interests of the Turkish state. It means an attack on the will of the Kurdish people. When we look at the realities in the region, we see that Kurds must join forces and establish their national unity. Now, when there exists no danger upon Shengal and ISIS attacks on Rojava have been broken, these forces claim that they want to defend the people there. However, there is no threat. Why did they not come when there was a threat? This will not serve the interests of Kurdish people, on the contrary it will benefit the enemies and occupant forces.

Currently, Mr. Jalal Talabani is sick and Mr. Abdullah Öcalan is in aggravated isolation. Who is free and can act is Masoud Barzani who therefore should have felt responsible and prevented such a case from taking place.

Sirwan Mustafa: I condemn vehemently any initiative that results in the bloodshed of the Kurds because we have always fought for the freedom of our people so far. There can be no excuse for what has been experienced in Shengal. You saw what happened in Kobanê, Shengal and Xaneqin. They tried to put Kurds through a massacre but the Kurdish forces stood against them together.

Those who carried out the attack on Shengal should have no doubt that they are serving the powers that occupy Kurdistan. They are serving the occupant powers to carry out their own plans. How can an initiative that serves these powers ever benefit the Kurdish people? What needs to be done is to stand and fight together like what was done in the battle of Kobanê. This is what happened in Kirkuk and Xaneqin as well. This is what must happen again. People do not accept the Kurds shedding the blood of one other. Therefore, the attacks should stop and the guns should be pointed at the common enemy.