Commander Çiçek Botan and Dılgeş Botan commemorated by HPG

HPG announced identities of the two martyrs in Dersim: PKK Central Committee and HPG and YJA Star Command Council Member Çiçek Botan and Dılgeş Botan.

HPG Press Liaison Center issued a written statement on the two guerrillas who fell martyr in Dersim.

The statement said the following:

"The AKP-MHP fascist power is waging a total war against the Kurdish people by using all means of the state in order to reach a result in the Kurdish genocide.

Clashes arise every day because of the insistence of fascist power. Our guerrilla force against the invasion attempts of the enemy is causing heavy losses to the enemy thanks to both the resistance and the actions carried out with the spirit of attack.

On 4 October, clashes took place between our forces and the occupying Turkish army in the rural Pülümür district of Dersim.

The number of soldiers killed and wounded in this conflict could not be determined.

In the clashes our comrade Çiçek Botan, who was a member of the Dersim Field Command and also a member of the PKK Central Committee and HPG and YJA Star Command Council, and our comrade Dılgeş Botan, fell martyrs fighting heroically.

We would like to express our condolences to our people, especially to the precious and patriotic families of our friends, Çiçek Botan and Dılgeş Botan, and reiterate our promise to crown the memory of our martyrs with victory.



    Code Name: Çiçek Botan
    Name Surname: Hacer Kaya
    Place of Birth: Batman
    Mother - Father Name: Hayfe - Abdullah
    Date and Place of Martyrdom: 4 October 2019 / Dersim




     Code Name: Dılgeş Botan
     Name Surname: Mehdi Kaplan
     Place of Birth: Hakkari
     Mother and Father Name: Saime - Muhsin
     Date and Place of Martyrdom: 4 October 2019 / Dersim