Baghdad and Hewlêr agree on 6 points regarding airports

Baghdad and Hewler have reached an agreement on 6 points regarding the airports in Southern Kurdistan.

In a statement issued following the meeting between 15-person Iraqi committee chaired by Iraqi Cabinet Secretary Mehdî Elaq and the Kurdistan Region committee chaired by the Regional Minister of Interior Affairs Kerîm Şengalî, the parties declared that they discussed security, border gates, airports, customs, customs gates, dams and oil.

It was announced that an agreement had been reached for 6 points regarding the use of Hewlêr and Sulaymaniyah airports for international flights.

The agreed upon points are as follows:

1- Hewlêr and Sulaymaniyah airports will remain in the jurisdiction of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority Bylaws.

2- Bilateral flights will resume in Hewlêr and Sulaymaniyah.

3- Representatives from ICAA, security forces and flight safety will be present in Hewlêr and Sulaymaniyah airports at all times.

4- Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority will lead the monthly meetings with pilots to resolve issues.

5- Officer appointments will be made by the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority in Hewlêr and Sulaymaniyah airports.

6- A lease system compliant with the 2008 issue 5 of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority Act will be implemented in Hewlêr and Sulaymaniyah airports. The airports authority will be notified accordingly every month.