Autonomous Administration: We do not recognize any plan or power that rejects Shengal's will

The Shengal Autonomous Administration, which went into a state of emergency against the KDP's attempts to enter the city, commended the resistance of the people and stated that they would defy those who do not recognize the will of the people.

Armed forces of the ruling KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) have been trying to enter the Yazidi settlement Shengal since October 2 on the pretext of the upcoming Iraqi elections.

According to Shengal officials, the KDP is trying to implement the agreement signed between the Kurdistan regional government based in Hewler (Erbil) and the central government based in Baghdad on October 9, 2020. The KDP’s goal is to enter the city centre of Shengal and establish a base there.

The Shengal people have been on full alert since October 2 when they took to the streets in masses, gathering outside the buildings of the local security forces and people’s assemblies from the early hours of the morning.

The KDP is doing a large military build-up near Shengal but it could not take a further step yet in the face of the people’s ongoing resistance.

The Shengal Autonomous Administration commended the resistance of the people who have been resisting day and night to frustrate the KDP plan.


In a press statement on Monday, the Autonomous Administration emphasized that they would not recognize any plan which rejects Shengal's will.

“They could not annihilate our people through massacres, now they are introducing political schemes. Our people should be ever vigilant against this vicious policy. Whatever they are, we will not allow the vicious plans against our people to succeed. We will not accept any plan in Shengal against the will of our people. If something is going to happen, it needs to be recognized by the will of the people. Whether it is the Iraqi government or any other power, whoever takes a decision against the will of the people of Shengal, will not be recognized by the people. What is happening today is the continuation of the October 9 agreement, which was signed without recognizing the will of Shengal. We emphasize once again; we do not recognize those who do not recognize the will of the people. Every family in Shengal has a martyr. Every family has a prisoner in the hands of ISIS. Those who are responsible for this want to enter Shengal. They want to betray our people once again. If you try to do something against the will of the people in Shengal, we will be your nightmare. Long live the resistance of the people of Shengal.”