Hurşit Çetin released after 30 years in jail

Hurşit Çetin (52), who was held prisoner for 30 years for political reasons, was released from Izmir Şakran No. 1 F Type Closed Prison on Sunday.

Hurşit Çetin (52) was sentenced to life imprisonment for "disrupting the unity and integrity of the State", after being detained in Bitlis in 1994.

Çetin, who was imprisoned at the age of 22 and released at the age of 52, was welcomed in front of the prison by his family and the executives of the Aegean Association for Assistance with Relatives of Detainees and Convicts (EGE TUHAYDER).

Sharing his feelings after his release, Çetin said that he was happy to be released from prison after 30 years and return to his people again. He emphasized that he will continue to fight for justice to be served.