Kurdish revolutionary Aksoy passes away in Berlin

Kurdish revolutionary Gülistan Aksoy died in Berlin on July 26. Her body was buried today in her village in the province of Mardin.

Kurdish revolutionary Gülistan Aksoy (Nom de Guerre: Hêvî Gabar) died on 26 July in Berlin and was buried today in her home village Baqistan (Turkish. Bağyaka) in the province of Mardin in Northern Kurdistan.

Gülistan Aksoy was born on January 25, 1987 in Baqistan and joined the Kurdish liberation movement in 2002. She was active in youth and press work for a long time and later joined the guerrilla in the mountains. When the ISIS attacked Rojava in 2014, she went to Northern Syria. In summer 2014, she was injured in her leg in the fight against the ISIS in Til Kocher. After a medical treatment she returned to the defense front. In 2015 she went to Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain). In the vicinity of the city, she stepped on a mine laid by the ISIS and was seriously injured.

In May 2017 she came to Germany for medical treatment. She underwent several operations. In a weakened condition she died of an illness on 26 July in Berlin.

Her body was transferred from Germany to Mardin. There Aksoy was buried in the presence of family members and friends.