YPG Commander: QSD operation will continue up to Holl-Raqqa

YPG Commander Rüstem Zal, who is taking part in the operation of Syrian Democratic Forces, spoke to ANF about the importance of the region and their ongoing operation against the gang groups.

The operation launched by Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS in south Hesekê on October 30, continues.

While a number of settlements have been liberated in the scope of the operation so far, QSD forces have reached the Lake Xatunıyê, one of the strategic points in the region, where heavy clashes are going on.

YPG Commander Rüstem Zal, who is taking part in the operation of Syrian Democratic Forces, spoke to ANF about the importance of the region and their ongoing operation against the gang groups.

“Our goal is to free the peoples of ISIS threat”, said the YPG Commander, stating that the operation will continue up to the Holl-Raqqa region.


What is the goal and dimension of this operation?

There has existed a heavy war in Rojava and Shengal for a long while, in addition to the Kobanê battle. After this period of a long-lasting war, we are currently on the Hesekê front. This operation involves a large area. There exists a need to open a corridor between Hesekê and Mount Shengal for the liberation of our Êzîdî people in Shengal from the attacks of ISIS.

The operation also involves the Raqqa-Holl area and is being joined by 13 forces from the Syrian Democratic Forces.

As YPG, we have started this operation in order for the liberation of our Kurdish, Arab and Syriac peoples from the atrocity of ISIS and the threat of massacre. This operation is of great importance to us, and it is also strategic and important for the liberation of the Syrian peoples.


What do you think as to how the fate of ISIS will be like, and what is their situation at the moment?

As long as the fraternity of peoples remains, ISIS will not be able to attack anywhere they like as they did in the past. They are fleeing the front at the moment and losing the areas under their control. Their groups remain in some villages but our forces have launched an offensive against those villages now. The coalition supports us but the operation is primarily relied on the YPG and other forces on the ground. In this way, the operation will continue up to Holl-Raqqa.


What is the importance of the Hesekê front, and what is aimed for Hesekê over this front?

This is a front close to Hesekê which houses peoples of different communities, including Kurds, Arabd and Syriacs.

Some months ago, ISIS launched an attack on Hesekê and managed to break the regime fores to a significant extend. ISIS could be stopped here only thanks to an intervention by YPG that came a while later. During that process, Hesekê city centre was liberated but some surrounding areas and villages remained under ISIS control. A new operation has therefore been launched in order for an entire liberation of these areas. For instance, the villages of Sarap and Hamra have been liberated and we will liberate the remaining Salihiyê village too. Gang groups have in the meantime gone into action from the sides of Til Hemis, Til Berak and Shengal on the other hand. In short, this operation has been started on the basis of two goals; democratization of Syria and liberation of the peoples from ISIS threat.

What kind of a role will this operation play for the security of the Cizire Canton in the future?

ISIS gangs would formerly approach to areas near Til Hemis, Qamishlo, Dêril and Heseke. They held a large part of Hesekê and Til Temir and massacred many people in this region. A large part of this region has been liberated since the battle first began. ISIS doesn't have many areas under its control at the moment and once the remaining areas are liberated, they will no more be able to conduct an attack on Cizire canton. The Kurdish, Assyrian-Syriac, Arab and Armenian peoples living here will be safe as ISIS will no longer manage to attack and commit a massacre as they wish, nor will they be able to impose their black thoughts on the people. YPG/YPJ and Syrian Democratic Forces will be there to protect the people and ensure a major organization in this region.