Turkish state receiving intelligence from KDP?

The investigation on the death of Zeki Şengali, Yazidi Coordination member who lost his life in a Turkish state attack, allegedly points to the KDP.

Yeni Ozgur Politika writer Xidir Ali Sengali pointed out that the KDP has been gathering intelligence for the Turkish state. In his article on the Forum page of the newspaper, Xidir Ali Sengali gave striking information on the assassination of Yazidi Coordination member Zeki Şengali, who had lost his life in a Turkish state air strike as he was travelling in Shengal on August 15.

Xidir Ali Sengali pointed out the questions KDP asked people fleeing war in Shengal and other places. Most of the 100 questions asked are those the Turkish state is looking for answers for.


Sengali wrote, “We have obtained some of the questions the KDP has asked people fleeing war in Shengal and other places. Questions some people were asked had been obtained by self defense forces in Shengal before the HPG withdrew from the city. Looking at the questions at hand, one can see that they are questions only the Turkish state would ask.”

“Maybe the people asking those questions were MİT members who were with the KDP,” said Sengali and added: “Because at this point, the whole world knows that the MİT works together with the Parastin. In fact, Mossad used to have influence in the Parastin in the past, but the MİT has replaced them.”

Sengali argued that the relationship between men and women in the PKK, how the caves are built, how the tunnels are built, how the guerrilla commanders and PKK administration moves, how they communicate, how they gather, and questions about drug smuggling are not questions that would benefit the KDP.


Sengali asked: “The comrade relationship between female and male Kurdish guerrillas, their brotherhood and sisterhood in arms is based on the love of freedom and democracy, what love is the KDP’s relationship with the Turkish state based on?”

Sengali questioned what good the questions on bunkers would do the KDP: “Or is the KDP intelligence making the Turkish jets strike the guerrilla camps?”

Sengali continued: “How do the guerrillas build bunkers, tunnels, caves? How do guerrilla commanders and PKK administrators move, how much security do they have with them? These questions are not useful for the KDP, so what do they do with the answers they get? They ask some hundred questions, and most of them look for answers the Turkish state needs.”


Sengali pointed out the relationship between KDP intelligence Parastin and the MİT, and stressed the allegations that the shooting of Zeki Şengali was a result of the relationship between the KDP and MİT.

“Questions like how the administrations communicate, how they gather, how they move, where they stay, how many people they stay with are questions the Turkish state is interested in. Because now the Turkish state is focused on determining the administrators’ locations and bombing those areas. The Turkish state has built a ‘leadership unit’ to this end. Information is gathered in this unit. Parastin is allegedly relaying information on this leadership unit. The person responsible for the PKK in the Parastin allegedly has meetings with the MİT every week. Most of the captured MİT members reportedly give statements to this end. There are those who claim the MİT members the HPG holds speak the most about their relationship with the KDP. That is why there are claims that Zeki Şengali’s shooting was a result of the relationship between the KDP and MİT. If the KDP and the MİT didn’t have a relationship at such a level, the people who break away from the guerrilla and are captured by the KDP wouldn’t have been asked so many questions that would benefit the Turkish state.”

Sengali also wrote the following about the question of who deals with drug trafficking in the PKK: “Another question that makes one think they are coming from the MİT is the question about who deals with drug smuggling in the PKK, and whether the PKK gives the guerrillas marijuana before actions. As it is known, the Turkish state has been voicing the lie that the PKK smuggles drugs as black propaganda.”


Sengali stated that there were questions asking about PKK’s training grounds and added that this is the thing the Turkish state is most keen to find out.

Sengali wrote, “The Turkish state asks the same questions to people the KDP turns over to them. As far as we have learned, most of the questions the KDP asks are the same as the ones the Turkish state asks under torture to people they detain. The KDP doesn’t only display its animosity against the PKK with the questions they ask, they also expose their relationship with the enemies of Kurds.”


According to the information Sengali gave, the KDP has also put up the PUK as a target for the Turkish state: “In short, these questions we have obtained are truly a shame for the KDP. If these questions are asked without the knowledge of the KDP, then the Parastin has fallen under control of MİT and other intelligence agencies. And that is not only dangerous for the PKK, but for the whole of the Kurdish people and all political powers. Because there are some that concern the PUK among the questions. The PUK has been openly put up as a target for the Turkish state.”


Sengali concluded with the following: “In the investigation on the murder of Mâm Zeki Şengali, we see that there is suspicion on people close to the KDP. The investigations have revealed that the people involved with the MİT within the Parastin may have a hand in the attack. Because Mâm Zeki wasn’t hit while stationary somewhere. He was hit while in a moving car. Thus, it is certain that the intelligence was fresh. He wasn’t detected by scout planes and hit by jets like in other places. Because that area has traffic from both the KDP and Iraqis. So, that attack wouldn’t have happened without hot information. That intelligence could only be given by those who gathered for the anniversary of the Kocho massacre and those around Shengal. And there are many groups and individuals involved with the KDP in that area. The questions asked to guerrillas who were separated in Shengal or other areas increase the suspicion that the KDP may be involved in this.”