The US involvement in Shengal

If Shengal had been taken over by ISIS, it would be possible to conquest the whole of Rojava starting from Cizre thus liquidating the revolution. Rumours have it that this dirty plan was devised by the US, Turkey and the KDP, to be executed by ISIS.

When ISIS attacked Shengal on August 3, 2014, it was said that a genocide plan led by the US-Turkey was going to be implemented.

According to this plan, ISIS would attack the Cizre Canton of Rojava after taking Shengal. Shengal was a strategic place for ISIS to attack Rojava.

If Shengal had been taken over by ISIS, it would be possible to conquest the whole of Rojava starting from Cizre thus liquidating the revolution. Rumours have it that this dirty plan was devised by the US, Turkey and the KDP, and that ISIS would execute it.

According to the calculation of the US, the success of this plan in a controlled manner would ensure the establishment of a Shiite-Sunni balance in Iraq. Because, the Shiite component in Iraq had become very strong and that disturbed the US. In a way, this meant that Iran's influence in Iraq had increased and this was difficult for the US to digest.

On the other hand, the Rojava Revolution, which developed as an alternative to capitalist modernity, was also a cause of discomfort. Turkey already knew no bounds. Turkey wanted to carry out, through ISIS, the genocide of the Yazidi people in Shengal and from there liquidate the Revolution. If it achieved this goal, it would dominate North East Syria, and the Shengal, Mosul, Kirkuk and Telefer line in Iraq. The century-old Ottoman dream would come true thanks to ISIS. The ‘hostage crisis’, which lasted months in Mosul, was just a game to cover up the AKP's cooperation with ISIS.

With this plan, Cizre Canton, Derik and Rimelan oil would be the KDP's share in exchange for selling Shengal to ISIS. According to the plan, if ISIS attacks on Shengal and Rojava were successful, this region of Rojava would be handed over to the KDP. Which would explain why the KDP left Shengal to ISIS without any resistance.

However, the involvement of the PKK guerrillas and their intervention in Shengal spoiled these dirty calculations. 12 brave guerrillas, with the support of YPG-YPJ, repelled ISIS attack in Shengal. They saved the Yazidis from genocide and prevented ISIS from attacking on Cizre.

Another very interesting development took place in this process. During the same period, ISIS headed towards Maxmûr, Kirkuk and Hewlêr. However, this was a development which fell outside the plan. Apparently, a force within the plan devisers had consciously directed ISIS towards South Kurdistan. At that time, it was not discussed much which force sent ISIS to Hewler.

This plan, which was spoiled by the guerrilla intervention in 2014, has now being retaken again, with some updates and changes. A US official says that 'Iraq-Turkey and the KDP can develop a civil solution in Shengal' and a new attack begins. This attack plan is not separated from the Turkish invasions of Afrin, Serekaniye and Girê Spî. US, Syria and Iraq want a plan that suits Turkey.

The anti-Kurdish statements by the US administration, the messages given for the purge of the PKK and the efforts to draw Iraq into this plan are remarkable. A great effort is made by the United States to bring Turkey closer to Iraq, and to shape Syria and Iraq according to Turkey.

The US effort to shape the region in a way which suits Turkey is by now as clear as the day. From Idlib to Serêkaniyê, from Serêkaniyê to Heftanîn and Xakurkê it is clear that the United States have given Turkish occupation approval and indeed a new role to Turkey. US is using Turkey but is also trying to neutralize the revolutionary democratic dynamics in the region. As such, the US has become a partner and supporter of the Turkish state in its Kurdish genocide policies.

The support provided by the US to the Turkish state, which has been committing genocide against Kurds and different ethnic-religious identities for a century, reveals the dirty and inhumane face of capitalism more than ever before. With this attitude, the US gained the hostility of the Kurds and the people of the region. They heroically fought against ISIS, the enemy of humanity, put an end to ISIS's domination and now this ugly policy against the world's most oppressed and righteous people condemns the US, which appear guilty in the conscience of the Kurdish people and humanity.

In 2014 this plan counted with the help of ISIS, now it counts directly on Turkey.

Turkey will find a new domination in Kirkuk to rule Shengal, Mosul, Tall Afar. This plan is aimed at eliminating all the gains of Kurds, including those made in South Kurdistan, by liquidating the PKK, and to bring about the genocide policies targeting Kurds.

Kurds and the peoples of the region should not remain silent about the dirty conspiracies of these reactionary forces that are hostile to the people's struggle for freedom and democracy.

The democratic united struggle of the peoples has become very essential. The strategic alliance and common struggle of the peoples of the region has the power to defeat all kinds of conspiracies.