Sabri Ok: Europe acts hypocritically and opportunistically

While the second largest opposition party in Turkey is to be banned and thousands of people are in custody, the German government is calling for the HDP to distance itself from the PKK. Sabri Ok (KCK) finds this hypocritical and opportunistic.

KCK Executive Board member, Sabri Ok, spoke about current political issues on Rojava Welat, a program on Stêrk TV. We publish an excerpt in which Ok evaluated the reactions in Turkey and Europe, in particular in Germany, to the case launched to ban the HDP.

The opposition in Turkey

Ok said: “The main opposition in Turkey is the HDP which runs real democratic opposition and represents the rights and demands of women, youth and other social groups. The fascist regime of the AKP and MHP is clearly aware of this. For this reason, it is constantly attacking the HDP. If the other parties, the CHP and the IYI party, were really doing their job as opposition parties, the government would not stay in power for another day. If all political parties came together and declared at a press conference that the AKP and MHP only represent their own interests, the government would be over. However, this is not happening, because there is no democratic culture in their political tradition.”

Afraid of the Kurdish question

Ok continued: “The so called opposition parties are coward, especially when it comes to the Kurdish question and the democratization of Turkey. The HDP, on the other hand, is acting responsibly and courageously. That is why it is under attack on all levels. For example, Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu was most recently arrested. Gergerlioğlu is a person with dignity who defends human rights under all circumstances. He was brutally taken from his home by a police officer whom he had previously exposed as a torturer. This fact is symbolic of this state. No one should be allowed to speak a single word against the government. Everyone should be put silenced. The HDP stands in the way of those in power. If the HDP is moved aside, the way will be clear. The resistance and stance of the HDP is very honorable and important in this regard. It should trust itself and continue with this attitude.”

The key position of the HDP

Ok added: “If the CHP and IYI party do not fight for real democracy, they will not get beyond their current state. They will never come to government. If they really want a change, they have to form an alliance with the HDP. Failing to do that, means their politics is a lie. Society in Turkey now knows that too.

The HDP is in a key position. As this is well known, a ban procedure has been launched. Hundreds of politicians are to be banned from political activity. Financial donations are to be stopped so that the HDP loses its influence. The attacks on the HDP will continue, our people should be aware of that.”

Discussion of possible alternatives

As to the talks about possible alternatives Sabri Ok said: “It is likely that the HDP will be banned. As recently in the Gergerlioğlu case, attempts will be made to send all politicians to prison and spread fear. The HDP is of course discussing internally about which alternative is possible. Ultimately, the political path for the HDP will always be open, because it emerged from a political tradition that is backed by millions of people. It will find its own way. So far it has resisted and it should maintain this dignified attitude. The level of resistance determines the impact of the attacks taking place. At international level there are protests by institutions and individuals. This solidarity is important.”

German government calls on HDP to distance itself from the PKK

Ok continued: “The reaction of the states [to the closure case against the HDP] is different. For example, the German state recently issued a statement that was repeating the Turkish state discourse: The HDP should distance itself from the PKK, the statement said. Why is Germany doing this? In reality, the federal government and the European states should be asking to Turkey this: Where are the politicians elected by millions of people? Why are they put in jail? All HDP-run town halls have been usurped, and trustees have been appointed everywhere. That is what the EU should ask. They should ask where all these people are. And of course, they should ask whether they were all terrorists? Europe is acting hypocritically and opportunistically.”

“Refugee card” played by Turkey against Europe

Ok said: “Despite the clear reality in Turkey, someone in Europe is still calling for the HDP to distance itself from the PKK. Behind it all stand dirty self-interests. At the beginning of the civil war in Syria, Erdogan said in a cunning way: 'According to the Ottoman tradition, we have opened the gates, all people can flee to us.' Millions of refugees have gone to Turkey after this appeal. These people are now used as a card against Europe in an immoral way. At the slightest disagreement Turkey threatens to open the borders and send everyone to Europe. In the face of this threat, the EU and, above all, Germany are making all conceivable concessions. Their policies are determined by filthy interests.

These hypocritical and opportunistic politics no longer have anything to do with democratic values. It is not as if Germany or the EU would believe in the politics or the statements of the AKP. They make concessions for their own interests.

The future belongs to the Kurdish people

Finally, Ok said: “There are many reactions from institutions and people in Europe that we find very positive and valuable. The HDP should continue its diplomatic work intensively. It is even more important that our people continue to trust themselves and carry on their justified struggle. We are talking about decades of experience and tradition. Without the HDP, Turkey's future looks grim. Everyone should act with this awareness. The future belongs to our people and the HDP. There is no other alternative.”