PKK’s Karayilan: Trump’s decision didn’t surprise us

PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayilan said US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria wasn’t a surprise for them.

PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) Executive Committee Member Murat Karayilan appeared on the Special Program hosted by Rosida Merdin on the Denge Welat radio and stated that the Turkish state has strived for years and only finally managed to convince parts of the US government to reinstate the conspiracy: “The inter-state conspiracy concept is out now, and it will be overcome.”


Murat Karayilan said US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria is a continuation of the US State Department decision to put prizes on 3 leaders of the Kurdish Freedom Movement on November 6, and is necessitated by the international conspiracy line: “This decision is not a surprise for us. We know the truth of each force, what they can and can’t do, this characteristic of hegemonic powers and how they approach the Kurds. Revolutionaries in Rojava were basing themselves on the 3rd path, building relationships with all but not relying on any. So I don’t assume any problems will arise there.”

Karayilan added that the Rojava Revolution started in 2012 and fought Al Nusra and ISIS gangs for 2 years on its own strength alone (and prevailed), adding that the US arrived in 2015. Karayilan also said the US has cast a shadow over all the efforts with certain practices of theirs and with this decision to withdraw, that shadow will also be lifted.


Karayilan said the Turkish state has been striving to have the conspiracy path to be implemented against Kurds, demanding that all powers take a stand against them, but the US participation to this approach by Turkey has been weak. Karayilan continued: “Because there are many inside the US government who are against this decision, they don’t think this is right. Europe doesn’t think this is right, they are not joining in. Some countries have expressly stated that they won’t be withdrawing. There was a previous European Court of Justice ruling on the PKK that could be considered positive. Maybe there won’t be utterly effective stands that affect the outcome, but the emerging truth is this: Those who want to continue the path of the conspiracy are the fascist Turkish state and the limited circle around Trump in the US government. This is not like 1999 when several states were involved and the conspiracy was strong and extensive enough to affect us. In this sense, the foundation for not only voiding the path of conspiracy but utterly defeating it and taking it off the table is strong. This has been seen clearly. The Turkish state has strived for years, but only managed to decide to reinstate the conspiracy with part of the US government. Don’t let my words make it seem that we consider the conspiracy to be an ordinary thing. No, of course it is serious and shouldn’t be seen as ordinary. But it must be known that the inter-state conspiracy path is out now, and will be overcome. This truth should be known and believed. We must stress this with all our power.”


Karayilan said the Northern and Eastern Syrian Revolution that includes Rojava has been implemented based on the peoples and that it has marched on through an alternative third path with autonomous forces, adding that a revolution can only be a revolution if it can stand on its own merit. Karayilan said they believe they have the politics, the people, the strength and the will and continued: “If the third path is executed in the correct military, political, diplomatic and social ways, current conditions are such that they will enable the victory of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Revolution in any case.”


Karayilan said the following on why he made the comment: “Because there could be new balances built. Nobody will just sit idly by. There could be new alliances formed, new partnerships forged. That is so throughout the world. The positive point is that it hasn’t been subject to any party to date, and hasn’t relied on any power. They could maintain relationships with the US and still protect their gains and revolution. The main issue there is that they keep their main power, i.e. their own strength, develop it and rely on it. In the military and social sense, they should believe in themselves and act in accordance with their own strength. If they do, they will be able to protect themselves, take part in the new balances and fulfill their goals. They have the power and the opportunity to do so.”


Karayilan said Trump’s decision is expected to change certain balances and form new balances in Syria, and create disappointment in those who thought the Rojava and Syrian revolutions happened because of some external power: “The Turkish state is thus in a festive mood that the US is withdrawing, they think it will be to their advantage if the US leaves and the revolution will fall in a few days. Despite their intense propaganda of this approach every day, their generals and officials know very well that it won’t be easy. We said it before, we say it again: Nobody should overestimate the Turkish state’s might. They can’t just take anywhere they want, willy-nilly. The Arab, Syriac, Kurdish people there and their fighters and commanders can easily defeat the invading Turkish state if they believe in themselves, take good positions and become a will through correct paths/methods.”


Karayilan pointed out that Turkey, ISIS, even Syria and some other forces have been thinking the revolution will weaken when the US withdraws but that they believe the Northern and Eastern Syrian Revolution can protect itself under any circumstances.

PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayilan said: “As the Kurdish people, as the Kurdish freedom Movement, we will support them and stand with them. All democratic forces in the region, all Kurdistan powers should support the Rojava revolution. Because in Rojava and North-Eastern Syria, a system where people govern themselves has been built. The flame of democracy and freedom has been raised high through the democratic nation principle. This flame must not be allowed to wither and die. We the Kurdistan revolutionaries and regional revolutionaries must defend the fire of freedom so it can light the whole region. This is a fundamental task for anybody who calls themselves a revolutionary.”