Livh: Saving Hasankeyf and Sur is everyone’s duty

A tent was set up in Stockholm to rise awareness and expose the destruction plans by Erdogan’s government

Within the scope of Global Action Day for Sur and Hasankeyf on Saturday, Swedish and Kurdish civil society organisation have set up a tent in Medborgarplatsen Square in Stockholm.

A photograph exhibition was put up in the tent, showing the extent of the destruction the Turkish government has already carried out both in Sur and Hasankeyf. Hundreds of signatures were collected calling to rescue the two historical and cultural site. 

Deputy Mayor of Stockholm, Ann-Margatrethe Livh, said she has visited "Hasankeyf several times and participated at many demonstrations to call for the site to be saved. The flooding of Hasankeyf is a betrayal of world heritage”.

Reminding that Hasankeyf is part of Unesco's World Cultural Heritage, Livh said: “Wiping out Hasankeyf is something unforgivable. But unfortunately the outside world is pretty quiet about that.

It is very gratifying to see so many people participating to this action today. We need to protest loudly, everywhere. Hasankeyf is a common heritage not only of Kurds but of all people. For this reason, the whole world must stand against the destruction of Hasankeyf".

Livih said that the European Union should issue sanctions to the Turkish state for the destruction of historical sites.

Former Swedish Left Party Political Secretary, Hans Arvidsson, said that Hasankeyf is the heritage of the whole world not just of Kurdistan.

Arvidsson said he had brought Hasankeyf many times on the parliamentary agenda when he was working as Political Secretary, presenting motions.

He said Hasankeyf is important for at least for reasons: ”First, is the cultural heritage of the whole world. Second, there will be a big dam there that will damage the people living along the river and in the surrounding areas. Third, people who have lived in this region for thousands of years will be driven from their lands. Fourth, the Turkish state will take control of water resources and will be able to cut off water whenever it wants, affecting Iraq as well. Water is very important not only for the Kurds but for Arabs and Iraq”.

"The European Union should take a stand against it" said Arvidsson.
PYD Co-Chair Şeyho Hassan, was at the action in Sweden and visited the tent expressing his support to the demonstration and signature campaign.