KCK: The usurpation of political will in Hakkari is part of the Turkish state’s genocide policies!

The KCK called on all those who struggle for democracy, freedom, justice, and law to stand with the people of Hakkari.


The co-presidency of the KCK Executive Council issued a statement saying that the "fascist AKP-MHP government has once again trampled on the will of the people by appointing a trustee to the municipality of Colemerg (tr. Hakkari)."

The statement said: "The fascist AKP-MHP government has once again trampled on the will of the people by appointing a trustee to the municipality of Colemerg (tr. Hakkari). Beyond that, the co-mayor of the municipality has been detained unlawfully. The opposition within the system and all socialist and democratic forces, especially our people, are rightfully protesting against this anti-democratic practice and expressing their reactions. We condemn this anti-Kurdish, fascist, anti-democratic, colonialist, mentality of the government, and we find the reactions against it justified and appropriate. We support them.

Through the practices in Colemerg, it is clear that the Turkish state wants to usurp the will of the Kurdish people: these are part of the political genocide attacks against the Kurds. This is clearly an anti-democratic, genocidal, and fascist practice. Everyone with a democratic mentality, with sensitivity in favor of the democratic unity of the peoples, and an understanding of co-existence, must oppose this anti-democratic move and stand by the democratic, legitimate, and just struggle of the Kurdish people. This stance must be expanded and maintained until the Colemerg Municipality is returned to the people of Colemerg."

The statement said: "With this practice, the approach, mentality, and policy of the AKP-MHP government towards the Kurdish people have once again been revealed. The government has an anti-Kurdish mentality. The fascist chief, Tayyip Erdoğan, puts this mentality into practice in all its clarity. The government and Tayyip Erdoğan are currently responsible for the implementation of this mentality. They were appointed with this task. This is their reality, and it has been proven once again with their appointment of trustees that any other meaning attributed to them is unrealistic. Therefore, it should be better seen that no approach other than to struggle against this mentality and politics can be correct. The matter should be approached accordingly. Within the framework of this approach, unity and struggle must be strengthened.

It is very clear that the AKP-MHP government wants to succeed after failing in Wan, and achieve its plans by usurping the will of the people of Colemerg. Therefore, what is being done is not only the usurpation of the Colemerg municipality, but the usurpation of the will of the entire Kurdish people. This usurpation of will is within the scope of Kurdish genocide. The AKP-MHP government wants to achieve results in Colemerg in order to apply the same policy in other Kurdish cities too. This intention and danger must be seen and a very strong, organized resistance must be developed."

The statement continued: "The AKP-MHP government is conducting a policy based on Kurdish enmity at home and abroad, trying to make everyone hostile to the Kurds. Kurdish enmity has poisoned the AKP-MHP and turned it into a blind snake that bites everyone. They oppose the holding of elections in northern and eastern Syria, carry out attacks and massacres so that the Kurds are not released from the grip of genocide, become free, or have their own will. Nevertheless, as long as the Kurds do not govern themselves or have free will, this is what they will face for as long as they exist. This is the reason why Syria is being attacked.

It is the AKP-MHP government’s mentality and policy based on Kurdish enmity and the enmity of the peoples that still prevent the development of a solution in Syria. Now the Turkish state is trying to drag Iraq into a similar situation. We all see where this approach has brought Turkey and what kind of dangers Turkey is facing. The complete malfunctioning of law in Turkey, a state which is now riddled with gang and mafia structures, and the plunge of society into hunger, poverty, and misery are the results of this approach. While this government is practicing genocide against the Kurdish people, society in Turkey is being almost slaughtered under fascism.

The fascist and genocidal AKP-MHP government aims to maintain the anti-democratic, unfair, unjust, and lawless order in which everyone is an enemy to everyone else. This government also tries to lure the opposition to its fascist policies with political traps, under the name of "softening" and "normalization." This reality must be seen very well by both society and its leaders and politicians, and the struggle for democracy must be strengthened."

The statement added: "Our people should develop an all-out resistance against the genocidal fascism in Colemerg, as they did in Wan, and respond to the usurpation of their will and genocidal attacks in the strongest way possible. This resistance should not stop until society retakes its municipality. Society should constantly be on their feet, in a state of Serhildan. The patriotic youth of Kurdistan must be at the forefront of this struggle and lead the people.

The solidarity of the left, socialist, democratic, and freedom-seeking forces with the Kurdish people is very meaningful. This must continue and develop even further. The way to be oppositional, to be in favor of the democratization and liberation of Turkey, is to openly support the democratic solution to the Kurdish question and to stand against all kinds of approaches which seek to usurp the will of the Kurdish people.

On this basis, we call on all those who struggle for democracy, freedom, justice, and law to stand with the people of Colemerg, the Kurdish people, who have become the representative of all these values, and to take the strongest stance against the usurpation of the AKP-MHP fascist government."