KCK's Hozat: ISIS will receive the lethal blow in Raqqa

KCK Executive Council Co-chair Besê Hozat stressed that the control over Raqqa will be significant for Syria in general as well, and stated that ISIS will receive the lethal blow in Raqqa.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-chair Besê Hozat spoke about the latest developments in Raqqa to the News Channel TV.

Hozat stated that the just-launched Raqqa operation created intense conflict and squabbles among the international and regional powers and said: “The strategic location of Raqqa makes it strategic for the future of Syria. The war is at Raqqa’s door, and the conflicts and rivalries increased. There is a serious conflict with the SDF. Russia’s statements on the SDF are connected to these manipulations and the conflict.”


Hozat also commented on NATO’s decision to enter the coalition and said: “They wanted to make NATO more functional, to restructure NATO, to make it more visible and influential, this pursuit and this tendency are part of the reason why NATO entered the Coalition.”

Besê Hozat spoke of the strategic location of Raqqa and made the following comments:

“Raqqa has great strategic significance for the future of Syria. The war coming to Raqqa and this much increase in the conflicts and squabbles is connected to that fact. Whoever controls Raqqa will, in a way, have more control over Syria. That force will have a more influential, definitive role in shaping Syria. Raqqa is also the ISIS capital, and this will mean a lethal blow to ISIS in the region. SDF control increasing in these areas, democratic forces gaining more control in this area will mean that a democratic system will take shape in Syria. It is a key location. That is why the war is now at Raqqa’s gate. If you noticed, squabbles and clashes are on the rise. There are serious conflicts between the US and Russia, Iran and the US, the regime and foreign forces and the SDF. Russia’s recent statements on the SDF claim they ‘made a deal with ISIS’. That is completely and utterly removed from the truth, it has zero connection to it. As we have seen, Raqqa is under siege. ISIS doesn’t have a line to put out convoys. All roads have been surrounded and blocked. There may be some spots for civilians, we don’t know that, the people in the field will know that better. But these operations on perception are connected to the existing conflict. They are deliberate. They are due to the significance of Raqqa, and they may increase.”


Hozat said the following on NATO’s decision to join the war in Syria alongside the Coalition Forces:

“NATO’s situation is a discussion in itself. If you remember, during the US election process Trump made some comments, he said ‘NATO lost its function, we must restructure it’. He started a discussion in NATO. With World War III, NATO is seriously on the agenda again. NATO, UN, EU, the current system is severely blocked. These structures have regained significance with the World War III. They are on the agenda much more. But the agenda Trump started is not just random. I believe the global system is discussing NATO and the restructuring of NATO. I don’t think NATO joining the Coalition is entirely separate from this agenda and this pursuit to make NATO more functional, restructured, visible and influential. NATO entered the Coalition as a result of these pursuits and tendencies. They took this step as a result of discussions to increase its function and its mission and restructure NATO.

And now the balance of the world has changed. NATO was formed against the Soviet Union. There was a socialist revolution in the Soviets, that was seen as a threat. Then in the ‘89-’90 period, real socialism failed. Russia now has a capitalist system, the country has become a part of the capitalist system. Real socialism failed everywhere else in the world as well. Right now, the Kurds and the revolutionary democratic forces in the region are leading the democratic socialist struggle. This structure of ISIS emerged in the region, completely outside the dynamics of the region, entirely different, and posing a serious threat to the world, to humanity and to peoples as well. That was a product of the capitalist system. With the green belt, these people were among those organized against the Soviet Union and now it has come to this. Al Qaeda changed and transformed and became who they are now. And this tendency is increasingly common in the region, and can find a social base. Not just in the region, in Central Asia, in Europe, among Islamic circles, among Muslims. Now the situation is different. And, the nation state systems in the region are dissolving. The 20th century status quo in the region is dissolving. Nation state systems, the balance those bring, 20th century alliances and the political balance are dissolving. When NATO was founded, the nation states system had only just started in the region, and now they are dissolving. NATO was, in a way, founded as an army for the nation state systems, as a defense force. Restructuring NATO is on the agenda. This will be clearer in the coming years. With intense discussions and meetings, this issue will intensify. But I believe this is a result of these tendencies and these pursuits. It might come to restructuring NATO strictly for the region, focusing on the region. A new structuring process may start that includes many Islamic states, regional states and forces”.