Karayılan: 2019 will be the year of our success

PKK Murat Karayılan saluted Leyla Güven’s resistance and urged everyone to do their part.

PKK Executive Committee Member and the People's Defense Center Headquarters Commander Murat Karayılan joined the program run by journalist Rosida Mardin on Dengê Welat radio.

Karayılan said that the hunger strike led by DTK co-chair Leyla Güven and joined by dozens in Kurdistan, Strasbourg, Wales and the prisons is the answer to isolation imposed on Leader Apo. “Because isolation on the leader Apo was a great weight on our people’s shoulders and the peoples of the region. An exit should have been found against this. Struggling against isolation is the duty of every revolutionary, democrat and patriot, but it is the duty of the guerrilla before everyone else.”

Isolation is an attack on the future

Karayılan stressed that freedom and democracy cannot come to the peoples when there is isolation, because it is a fascist system that implements it. Indicating that there is an attack on the future of the peoples of the Middle East region, Karayılan emphasized that isolation is not only against an individual, but also against Öcalan’s vision for democracy and against the peoples' future. Stating that it is worth fighting against it, Karayılan underlined this is the meaning of the hunger strike.

State’s attempts to break resistance

Speaking about the visit granted two weeks ago to Mehmet Öcalan, Karayılan said that it was an attempt by the State to break the resistance of the hunger strikers.

The same attempt was made by the Turkish state with the decision to release Leyla Güven.

Karayılan stated that tactical maneuvers were used by the State in order to break the resistance against the absolute isolation and fascism executed against the people.

“After the esteemed revolutionary and politician Leyla Güven was released, it is clear that she is determined to continue her action at home. Indeed, this is a show of heroism" said Karayilan and added: “This should be a lesson for everyone. We are committed to a blessed cause and we are ready for everything. The attitude of Leyla Güven after she was released is really meaningful. Therefore, I greet this posture once more. Such decisions are the decisions taken by individuals with their own free will. It is not a matter of instruction or organization. It is a decision that has been taken by themselves.”

Erdoğan will be responsible for the results of these actions

Karayılan warned that Erdoğan would be responsible for the results of these actions.

He also stated: "I don't consider the HDP’s approach as sufficient. There is a process of action that has entered a very critical phase today. This action must be the top priority and the most important item on the agenda. However, I can say that the approach and support is insufficient.”

Speaking about diplomatic efforts, Karayılan said: “The letter by 40 Nobel Prize laureates is undoubtedly worthy, but in terms of democracy, freedom and humanity the level of diplomacy is not sufficient. Our diplomacy should be more effective.”

Expectations about Öcalan’s visit with his brother

Karayılan continued: “Maybe our friends and our people are curious to know what was said during the meeting between Leader Apo and his brother, but because of the sensitivity of the process it is enough to say that he appeared to be in good health. This is the most important thing. And he is expecting from us a lot more.”

Karayılan once again sent condolences to the civilians killed in South Kurdistan as a result of Turkish air strikes and condemned the attitude shown by the South Kurdistan government.

Karayılan also reminded that the 143 days resistance of the city of Kobanê. “A page of historic resistance was written by Kurdish people then” and added “As long as Afrin is not freed and liberated, there will never be peace nor stability.”

Karayılan added: “Our valuable Afrin people should know: As the people of Kurdistan, we are in a total war with the Turkish state along the border from Afrin to the Zagros and from there to Ağrı. Because the Turkish state wants to eliminate Kurds.”

Heavy fight in Hajin, air strikes in South Kurdistan

Karayılan underlined the heavy fight going on in Hajin and the continuous air raids on Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan.

“These operations - he said - were a failure.”

Stating that the most strategic year has begun, Karayılan explained: “All the developments in this year will clarify the future of our Leader, our movement, our people and even the peoples of the region. Because there will be an all-around war between us and occupation forces in Bakur (North), Bashur (South) and Rojava (West) Kurdistan, and there will be a struggle and a war in all fields: ideological, political, diplomatic and military. Which is why we must make a very serious effort.”

Karayılan added: “Turkish colonialism will continue its aggression against the Kurdish people in the new period. True, the enemy has not been successful until now, but their hope to succeed could not be completely broken. This was due to our inadequacy. We prevented the enemy from achieving victory, but we couldn't break the hope. We are determined to give the occupants the necessary answer this year. We believe that 2019 will be our year in every sense if approached in the required format. We wish success for all activists, our people and our comrades.”