Karasu:Turkey engaged in a new comprehensive attack against Kurds

Karasu noted that a new conspiracy process has begun, with occupation attacks spread across all Medya Defense Zones and southern Kurdistan.

Mustafa Karasu, a member of the KCK Executive Council, evaluated the recent increase in Turkish military activities in this article he published in Yeni Özgür Politika.

Karasu noted that a new conspiracy process has begun, with occupation attacks spread across all Medya Defense Zones and southern Kurdistan. Karasu emphasized that not only the PKK but all the Kurdish achievements are under attack, and that the political forces of South Kurdistan appeared to wanting to be part of this conspiracy.

Karasu added: "The result of the silence of the international forces and the countries of the region before the continues threats and blackmails of the Turkish state, has meant that now the AKP-MHP fascism is boasting about attacking here and there every day. The Turkish state would either take steps to solve the Kurdish problem in the context of the Third World War in the Middle East, or attack with all its power the Kurdish people's freedom struggle. The attacks of the AKP-MHP fascism are due to both its hostility towards Kurds and war politics inside and outside to protect its power. It is clearly the Turkish state's intention to commit genocide and the AKP-MHP's fascist character to continue these attacks. This fascist power will continue its attacks until it has broken the resistance. This is why the task of the Kurdish people and the forces of democracy is to step up their resistance to this abuse and to break the fascist power.

AKP-MHP fascism has recently attacked both guerrilla sites, and has been carrying out occupation operations inside the borders of Bashur (Southern) Kurdistan and Iraq. It is understood that the Turkish state will spread its attacks to the Medya Defense Areas and to all of the Bashur Kurdistan. There are already 15-20 military bases in Bashur Kurdistan. Turkey intends to increase these base areas with the attack and occupation operations it carries out. This shows that in 2018, the war will spread to the Medya Defense Areas and the Bashur Kurdistan.

It is striking that the KDP has remained silence about the attacks of areas such as Deşta Hayatê and Deşta Hertê. In the past, the Turkish state carried out military operations in these areas. These attacks took place with the cooperation and support of the KDP before 1998. However, the KDP did not openly cooperate with the Turkish state for 20 years. The fact that the Turkish state is now retaking these areas and the fact that the KDP keeps silence suggests a return to a pre-1998 situation.


In 1998 the Turkish state failed to beat the struggle of our Freedom Movement; it faced a political, economic and cultural collapse. The war spread everywhere. Faced with this situation Turkey as a NATO member, Israel allied and European Union candidate member state, said to the three: “either you help me to get out of this situation, or I'm breaking down”. The help request was granted and this led to the international conspiracy to prevent the collapse of the Turkish state to finally capture Leader Apo in the attempt to hit the Liberation Movement. Leader Apo ended up captive because of this complot.

The organisers of the conspiracy thought that by taking off the scene Leader Apo, they would achieve the fall of the Kurdish Liberation Movement. However, they could not achieve their objectives. Leader Apo was taken captive, but the Kurdish Freedom Movement could not be stopped.

By the end of 2014, the Kurdish Freedom Movement enjoyed success in the Middle East. The Turkish state aimed to neutralize the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people everywhere with the help of DAESH, but this was not achieved. In the face of the development of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, the Turkish government, which has no solution policy, has vigorously decided to crush the Liberation Movement and to liquidate it with war.

A new process has begun

A heavy isolation regime was imposed on Leader Apo since 5 April 2015, and a whole war situation is still continuing today. The invasion and destruction of cities in Bakur (Northern) Kurdistan, the occupation of Afrin, and the occupation of Bashur Kurdistan are part of these attacks.

Just as the Turkish state, which had collapsed when faced by the Kurdish Freedom Movement's struggle in 1998, has entered into a conspiracy against the Kurdish Freedom Movement in the form of Leader Apo with international forces and collaborators, today the Turkish state is opposed to the Kurdish Freedom Movement with the support it receives from international and regional powers.

Today, attacks on Medya Defense Zones and Bashur Kurdistan are part of such a conspiracy plan. Once again the aim of this conspiracy is to liquidate the Kurdish Freedom Movement.


A few days ago Turkey's Foreign Affairs Minister has made clear that the Turkish state had tried to built a shared international hostility towards the PKK and turn it into a conspiracy and liquidation campaign. The results were not what he was expecting although he has been able to tight some relations. 

On the other hand, while the people of Bashur Kurdistan sympathize with the Kurdish Freedom Movement, Turkey is putting pressure on Kurdish political parties, especially KDP and PUK, to be part of this conspiracy. The Consulate General in Hewlêr undertook this task. In addition to this, some authorities from the MIT and Foreign Relations personally came to Bashur Kurdistan and carried out a study to obtain the support of the leading political forces during the attacks against the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

Recently, the Turkish state has intensified its negotiations with the political forces in Bashur for support for the attacks on the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

KDP so far as remained silent about Turkey's borders incursions. But it is clear that Turkey has a certain influence in the decisions, past and present, of the Bashur government. What it is clear is that Turkey’s AKP-MHP fascist forces are engaged in a war against all Kurds.


Kurds, intellectuals, patriotic forces, democratic forces, women and young people in Başur Kurdistan must see this fact. The occupation campaign against Bashur Kurdistan is at the same time an attack on the achievements of Bashur Kurdistan as well as on the very existence of the Kurdish, free and democratic life. In this respect, it is time for Bashur Kurdistan to show today the attitude against the Turkish state attacks.

Not only the people of Bashur Kurdistan, but all parts of Kurdistan and the Kurds in Europe should see and act against this attack for what it is, a comprehensive conspiracy attack."