ISIS hospital captured: Supplies are Turkey patented

A hospital and the house of an ISIS emir were captured in the western front of Manbij. The supplies in the hospital show the aid from the Turkish state once more. Most of the supplies are Turkey patented.

Commander Faysal Abû Layla Operation launched to liberate the ISIS-invaded Manbij city continues on its 24th day. Several important grounds have been captured in the operation, especially ISIS security points. The western front fighters have captured a 3-storey hospital building from the gangs in Şexbadbaş village liberated 2 days ago. Patient care rooms and large amounts of medication were captured. The supplies seized in the hospital and the boxes they arrived in bear the mark of pharmaceutical company “Çetin İlaç Sanayi ve Anonim Şirketi” and the conglomerate Deva Holding, which shows one more time the collaboration between the Turkish state and ISIS.

The fighters also captured the home of the Lebanese emir known as Emir İsa. Large amounts of military suplies, devices and thermal equipment was found in the house and large amounts of ISIS ammunition were captured.

Manbij freedom fighter partaking in the operation Saleh Muhammed said on the captured emir: “As you all know, a man has to decapitate 7 civilians before he can become an emir.” Muhammed said this emir was Lebanese and he was cornered in the village.