Guerrillas: Turkey won't occupy these lands as long as we are here!

The guerrillas, who are resisting the attacks carried out by the Turkish state with the passion of freedom, under the leadership of YJA Star forces, say, "As long as we exist, the Turkish state won’t easily occupy these sacred lands."

The Kurdistan guerrillas who took part in the Cenga Xabur Revolutionary Campaign continue to inflict heavy blows to the invading Turkish army. The guerrillas say: "We believe in our strength and we avenge our martyred comrades. We will defeat the enemy with our actions."

The guerrillas, who do not allow the Turkish state to succeed in the invasion attack, draw attention to the success of the struggle carried out by the PKK. Emphasizing that they will make history in this war, the guerrillas say that they will achieve a great victory against the enemy.

The heart of every guerrilla is like a hot volcano. They talk more with their eyes and hearts. When Kurdistan fighters laugh, their emotions reach the hearts of thousands of people. Guerrillas say, "It is time for success," and add, "We will fight a great battle with our strength and we will win. Our determination is great."

Freedom fighters led by YJA Star forces are sacrificing their lives with the passion of freedom against the attacks. Continuing their resistance against the attacks carried out by the Turkish army, the freedom guerrillas give the following message: "We are the fighters of Rêber Apo [President Öcalan] and the PKK. We will defeat the attacks of the Turkish state and defeat the enemy. As long as the freedom guerrillas exist, the Turkish state won’t be able to easily occupy these precious lands. Our Struggle and our resistance will continue unabated."