Guerrillas of Zap: We hit the Turkish army round the clock

HPG guerrillas spoke of the defeat of the Turkish army in Zap, and told how they were performing actions round the clock while the Turkish army failed, even with their state-of-the-art technology, to set a foot in the region.

People's Defense Forces (HPG) guerrillas told ANF of the invasion operation which the Turkish army launched on the guerrilla controlled Zap region in Southern Kurdistan on June 16, and recounted the huge blows they delivered to the Turkish army which was forced to withdraw its troops from the area on July 10.


One of the HPG guerrillas, Mervan Brusk, stressed that the Turkish army couldn't gain any foothold in the region despite its state-of-the-art technology, and stated that they carried out actions on the Turkish army round the clock. Brusk remarked that the actions inflicted huge damage on the Turkish army, and said: "Because of our intensity in actions, the invasion operation remained largely stuck. The enemy forces saw that they couldn't advance even for a bit, so they ended up just trying to establish themselves in some spots."

Mervan Brusk made clear that the guerrilla would never allow the Turkish army to enter Zap, and continued as follows: "We fought with new tactics in a new manner and kept this up each day round the clock. What we performed here against the invasion operation left the enemy with a total defeat. Our infiltration and raid actions rendered them unable to hold on at the hills where they were stationed. With this operation, we had the advantage of daily actions in bigger scopes against the enemy forces dispersed on the ground. Our actions will never cease. We will never allow the army of the enemy to enter Zap."


HPG guerrilla Givara Mexmuri told about the action against Turkish soldiers on Martyr Xeyri hill and said: "At first we infiltrated the hill. I was in the defense group. Some emplacements were destroyed by the offensive group with hand grenades. After the retreat of the offensive group, the defense group also delivered effective blows. 8 soldiers were killed alone in this action. They couldn't grasp what befell them and weren't able to respond. They had to remove their dead and wounded on the same day. We see it well that the Turkish soldiers have not the courage or even the resolve to be able to give a battle. The immense toll of the enemy and the extent of our actions prove that the guerrilla fights against occupying forces with highest morale, motivation and resolve. In the first day of the military operation, we hadn't started any actions on Hill Martyr Xeyri, so the soldiers were still calm then. But after that day, they started even to run during their guard shifts."


People's Defense Forces (HPG) guerrilla Egid stressed that the Turkish army couldn't stand against the guerrilla even with the high-technology weaponry which they boast of.

Egid said: "The situation of the Turkish troops in Southern Kurdistan is one of immense demoralisation and desperateness. Their technical back-up cannot protect them on the ground and hills even. Every day we carry out targeted actions on Turkish soldiers, hit them with rockets and explosives and ambush them on the Qela Bedewe, Martyr Munzur and Gijne areas. They have no strength anymore to fight with. All the soldiers do actually fight for money. Those who go into battle for money do never have the will to fight. We do not hit only the forces involved in the military operation in and around the area where we are stationed. The Turkish army is suffering heavy blows in the whole Zagros mountain chain within the scope of our revolutionary campaign of Martyr Bedran and Martyr Nalin."