Cologne police suspect MİT mole

As the Chief-Inspector-turned-MİT-agent story is still hot on the agenda, another chief inspector in the Cologne Police with close ties to the DİTİB which acts as a branch of the MİT stands out.

The discussion on the Erdoğan regime’s intelligence apparatus MİT’s activities in Germany have taken on a new form recently. The MİT has formed a network of agents in Germany through the DİTİB, Turkish consulates, shell companies and Turkish banks, and the detection of MİT infiltration in the German police units has alarmed security forces.

There are rumors of many more MİT moles working in the German security forces like Turkish-German Döndü Yazgan, the Chief Inspector whose ties to the MİT were exposed during her term as the “harmony chief” in Wiesbaden, Hessen. One of these moles could be another Turkish-German chief inspector in the Cologne Police.


Sources in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) claim the German security forces are preparing an investigation against this chief inspector. ANF’s own research showed that, like Yazgan, this officer is also a trusted partner of the DİTİB and AKP’s organizations in Germany and never misses any of their events.

This chief inspector is also rumored to be in Erdoğan’s right hand in Germany AKP MP Mustafa Yeneroğlu’s team. The chief inspector has been working in the Cologne Police for almost 10 years, and has close ties with the European Turkish-Islamic Union (Avrupa Türk İslam Birliği - ATİB), which acts like an MİT institution in Europe (like the DİTİB).

The chief inspector attended the 30 year anniversary events held by the ATİB and gave a speech there. ATİB’s espionage activity for the Erdoğan regime especially in Austria had been exposed with various documents in February this year.


One other detail in the case of this chief inspector is that he has participated in National View (Milli Görüş) events, which is under surveillance by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The chief inspector’s name is kept hidden, but is reported to have attended an iftar dinner in Cologne by the National View last year along with the Cologne Consul and Muslim Businessmen Association MÜSİAD.

Another one of his characteristics is that he is determined to convince the Turkish-German youth in and around Cologne to join the German police. In recent years, this officer has held several organizations in Turkish to inform the Turkish youth about joining the police force, with support from the Turkish Consulate in Cologne.

There were news of the MİT attempting to infiltrate German intelligence recently. The MİT’s plan to infiltrate German intelligence agencies was to apply for jobs listed in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The domestic intelligence agency posted several job listings and in the routine inquiry, many of the Turkish-speaking young applicants stood out. Some of these applicants who stood out had turned out to have ties with the MİT.


The chief inspector was the one who organized the police raid on he Cologne Democratic Kurdish Society Center (Köln Demokratik Kürt Toplum Merkezi - DTKM) last year. On April 10, 2016, a march that the gangs allied with the Erdoğan regime wanted to hold was prevented by Kurds and German democrats, after which Kurds and their allies had gathered in the DTKM when they received information that Turkish fascist groups were to attack the social center.

But, interestingly, the German police blockaded the street the association is on, prevented all entry and exit and attempted to raid the association. The police wanted to conduct a search in the association’s office and check ID’s, but the association’s administration objected to the police, upon which this chief inspector appeared. The Turkish-German chief inspector argued with the association’s administrators and tried to convince them, but failed.


On November 12, 2016, the police wanted to search everybody individually and check ID’s after a rally to protest the Erdoğan regime held under the slogan “No Dictatorship Yes Democracy”. This attempt by the police caused a stir among the protesters, while there are claims that the order to profile the protesters was also given by the same chief inspector.

The Cologne police used a different method to number the protesters and record their ID information that day. An officer put numbers beside the protesters and another one took photographs.


It is significant that the German security forces and the Merkel government don’t comment on the details of the German-officers-turned-MİT-moles scandal, which was publicized after Chief Inspector Döndü Yazgan was removed from her duties in Hessen following the report by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

After the ANF published articles on the matter for the last couple of days, some AKP “trolls” had started defending Yazgan on social media. One troll tweeted: “In Germany 4 Turkish-German police officers were subjected to investigations for working for MİT and one female chief inspector was removed from duty.”

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