Bayık: MİT’s conspiracy voided, Southern forces should be careful

On the Turkish MİT being caught while preparing for a large scale attack on the PKK, Bayık said: “This conspiracy has been hit and voided.” Bayık stated that Southern forces should be careful in the face of the Turkish state’s tricks.

As the discussions on the MİT operatives being captured while preparing for an operation on the PKK continue, KCK Executive Council Co-chair Cemil Bayık spoke on the matter on the program “Ülkeden” (“From the Country”) in the News Channel.

Bayık was asked to comment on Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Politbureau member and party spokesperson Sedî Ehmed Pîrê’s statement of “Turkey’s MİT wanted to carry out an operation against righ ranking officials of the PKK, and the PKK noticed this and captured two high ranking MİT officials,” and he said the following:


“It is a known fact that the fascist colonialist Turkish state has planned conspiracies and attacks against our movement for a long time. Everybody knows that the Erdoğan-Bahçeli fascism in particular has targeted the administration of our movement, they wanted to implement a Kurdish genocide through hitting the administration and they develop policies accordingly. We have the information. Erdoğan-Bahçeli want to carry out certain actions against our administration through the MİT and through the special war division of the army. Abductions, assassinations, they want to destroy the administration, disband the movement and implement a Kurdish genocide, they have tied their own fate to this.


“For this, they use all of Turkey’s resources. They use the domestic and foreign politics completely to this end, and they have mobilized all of Turkey’s resources for this. They developed special organizations. Not just in the North, not just in Turkey, they are engaged in such activity in Europe and Southern Kurdistan, and in all parts. Mr. Sedî Ehmed Pîrê's statements are true. Within both the KDP and the PUK territory, the MİT and the special war division has plans and organizations against our administration. They have organized several groups to carry out actions. But Mr. Sedî Ehmed Pîrê says the PUK is not a part of this. We believe that to be so.


“There are some people who work with the MİT and the special war division in Southern Kurdistan, we have information on them. Of course Southern forces, including parties and individuals, should not be part of these plans by the fascist colonialist Turkish state, we hope they won’t. If they do, then they will have displayed the worst animosity against the PKK and the Kurdish people. They will have done the greatest service to colonialist fascism. We don’t think any Kurd will take part in such a sinister plan. The fascist Turkish state has aimed to develop a great conspiracy, after the international conspiracy against our Leader, but this conspiracy has been hit, it has been voided and it has not been carried out.


“The colonialist fascist Turkish state, and the Erdoğan-Bahçeli government in particular, are constantly implementing conspiracies and plans to disband against our movement. They want to include Southern forces in this, namely forces like the KDP and PUK. They even have their own special organizations outside of the KDP and PUK. Their special effort is to include KDP and PUK in their dangerous and sinister plans, that is why they are striving so intensely. We hope they won’t be part of these efforts, because if they do, they will be betraying themselves. Not just the PKK, they will have betrayed themselves and the Kurdish people. No Kurdistani force or individual can or should serve the genocidal policies of the colonialist fascist Turkish state against the Kurdish people. If they fulfill the Turkish state’s desires in this issue, they will be the ones to suffer the greatest from it. I am warning them on this issue because of this, they should never fall for such traps.”