Bahoz Erdal: Our comrades entered their lair and struck them

HPG Commander Bahoz Erdal stated that: "Contrary to what they say, the PKK is not weakening, it is getting stronger in every aspect with each passing day."

HPG Command Council Member Dr. Bahoz Erdal spoke to a special program in Stêrk TV and, stating that the PKK is stronger than ever, called on the Kurdish people to vote NO in the April 16 referendum, putting forth their stance against the AKP.


HPG Command Council Member Dr. Bahoz Erdal attended a special program prepared and presented by Mem Şêrwan on Stêrk TV and spoke on the current developments. Erdal pointed to the ongoing great war in Kurdistan and stated that despite AKP’s comments on ending the PKK, the guerrilla entered the colonialists’ lair with the Amed action, and the war has reached a new phase with this action. Erdal also made important comments on the April 16 referendum and said: “The models Tayyip Erdoğan uses for the referendum are those of Saddam Hussein and Hosni Mobarak.” Erdal pointed out that the Kurds need to act together against colonialism.


Highlights from Bahoz Erdal’s comments is as follows:

The Amed action was carried out by one of our guerrilla units. It was a well-organized, strongly planned action. It was an answer to the attacks and propaganda by the Turkish army. According to information we have, there are at least 19 dead and more than 34 wounded. Our estimate is that they have more losses. It was a suitable and successful action with good timing.

The comrades dug tunnels underground up to the security directorate building, placed over 2 tonnes of explosives and detonated them with a good timing. Our unit arranged the amount of explosives so the surrounding buildings and the civilian population wouldn’t be harmed. Without a doubt, this is a new style of action. AKP and state spokespeople first wanted to cover it up. They wanted to make the action look like an accident, but such an action cannot be hidden. The action took place in front of the whole city of Amed to see. The people of Amed saw more than a hundred ambulances rush to the action grounds with their own eyes. This is a new style of action. It was an action that voided the narrative voiced by the AKP and state officials that the security systems in outposts and state institutions have been reinforced and they won’t allow for any more actions. The guerrilla’s tactic is like chess. You have 16 pieces in chess, but you can do thousands of moves with them. There are 8 musical notes but you can produce thousands of melodies. The guerrilla’s style of action is similar. However many precautions are taken, the guerrilla will find a way to strike and carry out actions. That is the message of this action. Erdoğan has been saying they “will enter the lairs, end it” but instead, our comrades entered their lair and struck them.


Currently there is a tough war in the region, but in our country there is a much tougher war. Turkish colonialism is using all their means to terrorize our people with all their might. There is a destructive war in Kurdistan. The Turkish state sees this war as a do-or-die on their part. A war this destructive and extensive will have losses for sure. The Turkish government’s interior minister stated that they carried out more than 300 operations in 10 days. This shows the attacks and the war they are waging. They are waging a war, this war is a matter of survival for colonialism. It is like that for our people as well. Our comrades have fallen martyr in this war for that, they are falling still, they are resisting heroically. In this sense, unfortunately there are losses in the war. But their losses are great as well. So, if we compare it with the past, their losses have increased three, four fold. Because there is a tough war ongoing. And we as the Kurdish people must be prepared for this. This is a freedom or annihilation test for us. This is a war we wage with this awareness, and we know that it is a destructive process. Why? Because there are opportunities for victory, the Kurds can achieve their freedom in the region. Thus colonialism attacks with all its might to prevent it. This is one aspect of the issue. There is a war in this country, and it is a tough one.


On the other hand, the Turkish government officials make various comments on the outcome of the war. A short while ago, Erdoğan himself said they “neutralized 10 thousand PKK members in a couple of months”. And they said they will end it before April. This is not true. They speak every day to say we have so and so many losses. If all of these were true, the guerrilla would have been depleted by now. So they are hiding the truth, the statements they give are not true. Now everybody sees the Turkish jet fighters lifting off every day. Such heavy weaponry is used in wars between states. Jet fighters, Cobra helicopters, tanks and other such heavy weaponry are used. If the PKK had fallen weak and was about to end like they said, then why are there so many jet fighters in the air? Not a day goes by that the jet fighters don’t lift off. This shows the strength of the PKK. Contrary to what they say, our strength and our capability for war has increased.


Another point shows how weak the Turkish army is on the ground. The army can’t fight on the ground. Now they only carry out aerial attacks. In the face of that, the guerrilla’s form of action and style of movement is more flexible and can be renewed daily, their tactics can be changed. The statements Turkish officials make on our losses are not only exaggerated, but they actually have no basis in truth. We declare the identity and balance of every martyred comrade, within our means. We let our people and the public know the reality and outcomes of the war. They are the ones who hide their losses. The most recent example for this is the Amed action. More than a hundred ambulances go to the action grounds, but they declare 3 losses.


The Turkish state took this winter as an opportunity and they carried out maybe more operations than any of the winters before. They carried out operations in the North and aerial attacks in South Kurdistan. In response to these, all our forces prepared themselves within a program and now that the spring is here, the guerrilla’s preparations are strong. The Amed action shows the level of preparedness and planning of the guerrilla. This we can say with confidence to all our people, and before all we say it to the Turkish state officials who keep saying they will “end” us every day, as long as there is the policies of denial and annihilation in place in Kurdistan, as long as there is state terror, the guerrilla will be their living nightmare. The PKK will be their nightmare. Contrary to what they say, the PKK is not weakening, it is getting stronger in every aspect with each passing day.