A new war and an unsettled bill

For all those who resisted and protested in Europe during the Afrin war, one bill has remained unsettled since then. An unsettled bill with the military industry, those responsible in state bureaucracy and politics, and supporters of Turkish fascism.

When Turkey attacked the canton of Afrin in northwest Syria in January 2018, an enormous resistance began, and not just on the ground itself. In Europe too - especially in Germany - a phase of creative, selfless and furious resistance that lasted almost two months began. When Afrin was occupied by Turkey and its Islamist mercenaries at the end of March, many looked back on the resistance in the European cities with mixed feelings: on the one hand, the certainty that their friends in Afrin had been supported through thousands of actions, and on the other, dissatisfaction with not having prevented the war waged with European arms and money. At that time, many were surprised by the extent of the actions in Germany and elsewhere, and thus, despite the occupation of Afrin, they found a certain strength for the future resistance in Europe. Back then one heard again and again: "We will prevent the next war in Kurdistan."

The war in Afrin continues to this day - not only in the small northern Syrian canton itself. The occupation there was part of a plan that began with the invasion of Jarablus, Azaz and al-Bab in August 2016 and continues today with the massive Turkish military operation in the South Kurdistan regions of Zap, Metina and Avashin. Since April 24th - the 106th anniversary of the Armenian genocide - heavy fighting between the HPG guerrillas and thousands of Turkish soldiers including hundreds of fighter planes, drones and heavy artillery has been taking place there. Syrian Islamist mercenaries are now apparently also being deployed on site. The plan of Erdogan and his AKP-MHP regime envisages creating an occupation zone several dozen kilometers deep along the 1200 km long Turkish-Syrian and Turkish-Iraqi borders. Anyone who knows how Turkish soldiers and their Islamist friends in Afrin have been murdering, raping, blackmailing and systematically expelling the local Kurdish population since 2018 will understand when we call this planned zone a 'genocide zone'. While the occupation of Afrin represents the westernmost tip of this zone, the easternmost part of this huge area is now to be occupied in Metina, Zap and Avashin.

From the point of view of all those who resisted and protested in Europe during the Afrin war, one bill has remained unsettled since then. An unsettled bill with the military industry, those responsible in state bureaucracy and politics, but also the supporters of Turkish fascism living in France, Germany or England. A bill that has since wanted to be settled. Now - with the war in Metina, Zap and Avashin - the opportunity has come to do exactly that. Despite Corona, despite three long years that have passed since then, and despite the fact that today it is not the YPG and YPJ, but the HPG and YJA-Star who are resisting Turkish fascism.

Resistance takes many forms, but most of all it has clear goals. In this case the end of Turkish fascism. To this end, it is essential to prevent the state bureaucracies and governments in Germany, England or France from continuing to support Erdogan and his regime. No more weapons, no more money and no more messages of political appeasement from these countries. If that happens, the open bill from the Afrin war will be settled. If that happens, we have kept our word and made the next war in Kurdistan impossible.

Everyone in Europe who disagrees with the support of their governments and states for Turkey is now called to act. Creatively, selflessly and angrily. On the street during the day or somewhere else at night. Every few days for a few hours at a rally or continuously in front of the gates of arms factories, the homes of state secretaries or in the offices of the banks that give loans to Turkish fascism. As a student, mother or worker. And always with the certainty that every ejection, every report to the police and every judge's verdict is confirmation that you have effectively and resolutely supported the resistance against the Turkish fascism in Metina, Zap and Avashin.

Emine Şenyaşar has been waging a resistance in the city of Urfa for over 50 days. The mother demands justice for the murder of two of her sons and her husband. They were murdered by people close to the AKP MP Halil Yıldız. Mother Emine has vowed to continue her sit-in strike in front of the courthouse in the northern Kurdish city of Riha until the murderers of her sons and her husband have been punished for their crimes. She has made resistance for justice her life. With her silent protest she has awakened the conscience and solidarity of broad sections of society. If we in Europe resist as resolutely and furiously as Mother Emine, we will make the war of Turkish fascism in southern Kurdistan impossible. Then our open bill with the war criminals in Berlin, Paris, London and Ankara will finally be settled.