Works for fifth hydroelectric power plant begin in Zilan

The company, which previously built four HEPPs (Hydroelectric power plant) in Zilan Creek, started working for the 5th HEPP in the village of Ağaçören.

Work has begun for the construction of a new HEPP (Hydroelectric power plant) on the streams in Erciş, province of Van.

Erciş is an important place in the history of Kurdistan and for its location and for this too it continues to be targeted by the AKP. Zilan Creek and Deliçay water resources are in Erciş. These regions, which have rich water resources, are ideal for agriculture and animal husbandry. The only livelihood of the people is indeed agriculture and animal husbandry. With the new HEPPs and dams, nature will be destroyed, agricultural areas will be destroyed, people will have to migrate.

Tens of villages and thousands of acres of agricultural land were flooded with the Koçköprü Dam, which was built earlier in Zilan.

The mass graves, where the victims of the Zilan Massacre were buried, were flooded by the dam.

The livelihood of the villagers was demolished in 2016 by the district governor and the trustee of the time. The same trustee later sold all resources to a company linked to the AKP for 49 years.

Morgedik Dam was built on Deliçay, which is one of the main breeding places of the Pearl Mullet. Thousands of acres of farmland were flooded and the pearl mullet generation came to the point of extinction. Determined to destroy the nature of Deliçay, the AKP is now working on a new HEPP in this region.

The Gökakım Elektirik Üretim A.Ş. is known for its link to the AKP and has already built four HEPPs in Zilan. The same company has now begun work for the construction of a 5th HEPP in the village of Ağaçören. The first aim of the company that started pre-work is to buy the peasants' land cheaply. Company officials have been working on this issue for about a month.