'Those who defend nature, life and peace can't be judged'

The Hasankeyf Coordination issued a statement regarding the the police operation carried out on Friday which saw professor Beyza Üstün being detained alongside a number of other people.

The Hasankeyf Coordination issued a written statement regarding the operation against the Anonymous Movement, in which Beyza Üstün was also taken into custody. The statement pointed out that Üstün is at the forefront of the ecological struggle.

The statement said: "Professor Üstün has been taken into custody following a number of house raids targeting people who defend ecology and peace. Professor Üstün is an ecologist and has defended the rights of the insects and of the environment, becoming the voice of the country's rivers and life.”

The statement added: “Beyza Üstün, who has contributed to the ecology struggle across the country, has been with us from the first day in the defense and survival of Hasankeyf and has been at the forefront of the struggle.”

The Hasankeyf Coordination emphasized that those who defend nature, life, peace and science cannot be judged and added: "The struggle for ecology cannot be silenced. Beyza Üstün should be released together with all those detained."