Holat: We need all-out struggle against special assimilation policies in Kurdistan

Ramazan Holat from MED-DER said that there should be an all-out struggle against special assimilation policies in Kurdistan.


Mesopotamia Language and Culture Research Association (MED-DER) Director Ramazan Holat said that the use of the language should not be limited to institutions and should be used in all areas of life. "If we cannot use our native language in all areas of life, we cannot prevent assimilation."

Regional Boarding Schools (YIBO), which were established under the name of education in many cities of Kurdistan for the purpose of assimilation as a part of the special war policy, are assimilating Kurdish children. Evaluating the assimilation policy carried out by YIBOs, Holat said: "YIBOs have a different and special place. They are concentrated in Kurdistan. They aim to ensure that people who do not have access to education can benefit from education in some way. These are schools that need to be established, but in countries like Turkey they are used for different purposes. The main goal is to assimilate Kurdish children, alienate them from their own reality and Turkify them."

If the language is erased, there will be nothing left

Pointing out that an intense assimilation process is being carried out in Kurdistan by the state, Holat said: "When we look at the large proportion of children graduating from regional boarding schools, we see that they refrain from speaking their native language. If the language of a society is taken away, there is nothing left. Assimilation policies have many legs. Assimilation policies have started to become visible for years. While assimilation policies are becoming visible, a struggle continues as the Kurdish people are using many methods to protect themselves from assimilation. The people of Kurdistan are trying to defeat the assimilation policies."

Mother tongue should be used in every aspect of life

Holat stated that an all-out struggle should be undertaken to thwart assimilation policies and said: "Many institutions and structures are born out of needs. If assimilation was not imposed on the people living in Kurdistan, there would be no need for the formation of such associations and institutions. Therefore, we are an institution that strives to research and develop all languages ​​living in Kurdistan. This situation doesn't just end with us. The use of language should not be limited only to institutions, but should be used in all areas of life. If we cannot use our native language in every aspect of life, we cannot prevent assimilation. Parents need to encourage the child to speak his/her own language at a young age. It is necessary to wage an all-out struggle."