Flooding kills 100 sheep in Ağrı

Heavy rainfall has flooded a pasture with sheep in a village in the province of Ağrı. About a hundred animals drowned.

In the village of Wêretega Jêrîn (Turkish: Aşağı Saklıca) in the province of Ağrı in Northern Kurdistan, heavy rainfall on Friday evening flooded a sheep pasture. However, for almost one hundred animals of a herd of nomads consisting of several sheep, who were on the mountain pastures of the region at the time of the storm, any help came too late. They could not be rescued from the water in time and drowned. Other animals were taken from the pasture by villagers and taken away with tractors. 

The evening was also stormy in the nearby villages of Güvendik and Sabuncu, Başkent and Ahmetbey. There the water masses flooded several agricultural areas. Tilled fields were hit hardest by the storm.