Besta region on fire for three months

The region of Besta has been in flames for more than three months. 21 areas have completely burned down.

The Turkish army systematically sets fires in the forests in Northern Kurdistan and prevents them from being extinguished. The fires in the triangle area of Siirt, Herekol and Şırnak have been raging non-stop for three months. Tens of thousands of trees have burned, endemic species have been destroyed. The forest fires were apparently started by the Turkish army, which is carrying out operations in the areas of Şerevan, Çemê Mezin and Xare Kuna. On Tuesday the flames spread to the Cîniver and Besta Hincê regions. The extinguishing of the fires is prevented by the army "for safety reasons". All vegetation in 21 areas in the region is said to have burned. Most of the fires broke out in so-called prohibition zones declared by the governor of the Şırnak province.

The fires are intended to destroy hiding places and retreat areas of the guerrillas. But the fires also deprive the people in the region of their agricultural livelihood and the area is thus depopulated. Thus the guerrilla is to be deprived of support.