TEV-ÇAND paid tribute to 'cinema hero' Mazdek Ararat

TEV-ÇAND Culture and Art Committee commemorated filmmaker Ömer Bağcı (Mazdek) who died on 13 September following an unfortunate accident while he was on duty.

TEV-ÇAND Culture and Art Committee said: "We commemorate Mazdek Ararat and all martyrs with respect and gratitude. They gave their life in the glorious and honorable path of the struggle for freedom in Kurdistan."

The statement added that Mazdek Ararat was injured due to an unfortunate accident while he was on duty on 13 September 2019.

Ömer Bağcı was buried in the Martyrdom of Martyrdom in Kobanê on 14 September.

TEV-ÇAND said: "Despite all the interventions comrade Mazdek could not be saved. This news left us all deeply shaken as the history of the struggle has claimed a new comrade."

The statement added: "Comrade Mazdek, who we will take as a model, was one of the prominent figures of the revolution with its labor, modesty, smiling face and struggle."

The statement continued: “Comrade Mazdek was not only a filmmaker, although he is known for the developing of revolutionary cinema. When necessary, he was a warrior in Kobanê, an instructor in the art academy, an actor on a film set, a veteran who won the hearts of the people of Rojava and a guerrilla in the mountains of Kurdistan."

The statement recalled how "comrade Mazdek was one of the heroes of the revolutionary cinema. His sentence 'walking is right' made history. Yes, the wrong thing is stopping, while there is so much injustice and cruelty. Comrade Mazdek, who walked along the path of Halil Dağ and showed us the right path, was one of the founders of the Rojava cinema commune, that has contributed to the development of hundreds of young filmmakers and done countless works on the territory of Rojava since the beginning of the Rojava revolution. He was also a member of Sine Çiya, the team of Halil Dağ."

The statement ended reminding that "as comrade Mazdek said 'walking is right' and is oru obligation to walk for freedom, walk for humanity, walk for beauty, goodness and righteousness. And martyrs are our guides."