Tev-Çand and Kevana Zerin-Europe pay tribute to Helin Bölek

Cultural movements Tev-Çand and Kevana Zerin Europe commemorated Grup Yorum member Helin Bölek, who passed away after 288 days of hunger strike.

Tev-Çand and Kevana Zerin Europe paid tribute to Grup Yorum member Helin Bolek who passed away on 3 April after 288 days of hunger strike. "The line of struggle followed by Helin Bölek will, of course, strengthen the revolutionary struggle of the peoples," said activists.

The statement added: "The current AKP-MHP fascist government knows no boundaries in its inhuman practices against all sectors of society, especially Kurds. Artists, intellectuals, and anyone who opposes the government are the target of AKP-MHP fascism. This fascist power, which is afraid of art and artists and of course of journalists, has arrived at the end of the road and is resorting to all kinds of aggression, torture, violation of rights to survive."

The statement continued: "Artists are always stronger than lawmakers. We will stand with our instrument, our words, our painting, our play, against this fascist power that wants artists to remain silent and subject to them. All democratic and revolutionary forces, artists should come together to beat down this fascist power.

Helin Bölek died on the 288th day of her deathfast resistance. She was on hunger strike because she wanted to be free to sing. Tev-Çand and Kevana Zerîn-Euroe commemorate Helin Bölek, who did not bow to fascism. We invite everyone to raise their voices and make sure the demands of Ibrahim Gökçek, who is still on hunger strike, are accepted."