PKK Cultural Committee appeals to artists

The Cultural Committee of PKK calls on artists to fight together against the threatening occupation of Southern Kurdistan by Turkey and appeals to the KDP to give up collaboration with the occupiers.

The Cultural Committee of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has called on intellectuals and artists to unite in the struggle against AKP/MHP fascism and the collaboration of the South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP with Turkey.

In the statement, the committee points out the current threat of war in the "cradle of humanity" in Mesopotamia. The system of capitalist modernity insists on the hundred-year status quo in the region, said the PKK and remarked that this leads to the spread and continuation of the war, which brings further destruction. Recalling the speculation and plans of the global hegemonic powers in Kurdistan, PKK said; “This war, defined as the Third World War, began with the international conspiracy against Abdullah Öcalan, which led to the deportation of the then PKK leader to Turkey. Öcalan's isolation is directly related to the intervention of the world powers in the Middle East.”

"With the support of the global hegemonic powers, Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî have been occupied. The current occupation of Southern Kurdistan is meant to be carried out together with the KDP. The deployment of KDP troops in Zînê Wertê on the edge of the guerrilla area in the Qandil Mountains and the Turkish invasion of Heftanin is part of the Turkish state's occupation plan.”

The Cultural Committee of PKK underlined that a war between Kurdish forces will harm the national interests of the Kurdish people and will destroy all the achievements fought in the last decades. However, certain people who appear in public as intellectuals, artists or writers allow themselves to be instrumentalized for the occupation plan. Intellectuals and artists represent the conscience of society and have always stood against murderous regimes throughout history. Even now, Kurdistan's art workers have to take the lead in the resistance against AKP/MHP fascism and the collaboration of the KDP.”

In view of the historical responsibility, no one should stay out of current developments, the PKK committee said and continued: "As a cultural movement, we are part of the dignified struggle of our people. We regard participation in the liberation movement in the field of art and culture as a social responsibility. Strength comes from unity and organization. Success is only possible through unity. Otherwise neither the freedom of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] nor the existence of our people can be guaranteed.”

Appealing to the KDP, the PKK Cultural Committee said; "Do not be complicit in the occupation of South Kurdistan by the Turkish state, do not become part of the attack concept against the guerrilla of the PKK. We call for a positive response to the liberation movement's appeals for dialogue based on Kurdish unity and to fight against colonialism alongside the guerrilla.”