Martyr Yekta Herekol Theater Festival continues in Qamishlo

The theater play Venasin was performed as part of the Martyr Yekta Herekol Theater Festival.

The Martyr Yekta Herekol Theater Festival is currently going on in Qamishlo. This year is the 5th edition of the festival which opened on 27 March.

The play Venasin was performed at the Mihemed Şêxo Culture and Art Center, the festival’s venue. The play is written by Umran Yusif and produced by Mihemed Resul and lasts 50 minutes.

The play is about the resurrection of 5 people who lost their lives and have to confront their own realities.

The festival has been organised despite the coronavirus pandemic which last year prevented it from being held. The slogan of this years’ edition is "Waşukani cry".

The festival will last until 6 April.