Lawyer Bolaç accused of "insulting the president" for sharing caricature by Brazilian artist Latuff

Lawyer Efkan Bolaç has been charged with "insulting the president" for sharing a work by Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff.

The Turkish state has every critical portrayal of the president prosecuted. This also applies to the works of internationally known caricaturists.

A work by Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff, in which Berkin Elvan, killed by a gas grenade by Turkish police, is holding the Turkish president and a Turkish police officer by the collar has led to a case against lawyer Efkan Bolaç.

Bolaç shared the cartoon on social media in January 2016 and wrote below it: "He is the boy of the Gezi resistance. Berkin Elvan would now be 17 years old."

Speaking in the trial, the lawyer said: "You are charging me with defamation for sharing this cartoon... Gezi and Berkin are our honor. Of course I will stand up for it.”