Kurdish artists release video in solidarity with Grup Yorum

Kurdish artists prepared a video drawing attention to the death fast of Grup Yorum member Ibrahim Gökçek. The artists said: "Let's reclaim the resistance".

Kurdish artists published a video containing various messages to draw attention to the death fast resistance of Grup Yorum member Ibrahim Gökçek.

The artists said: "Let's reclaim the resistance. Don't let artists die".

The artists in the video are: Ozan Emekçi, Hasan Sağlam, Deniz Deman, Seyîdxan, Diyar Dersim, Hozan Cömert, Nuarîn, Ferhat Tunç, Yasin Boyraz, Memo Gül, Bülent Turan, Şengül Pak, Ali İkizer, Memo Yapıştıran, Ozan Serdar, Binewş, Kemal Ceylan, Mazlum Rewşen

Ibrahim Gökçek: 320 days on death fast

Ibrahim Gökçek has been on death fast for 320 days and his condition his worsening.

Another member of Grup Yorum, Helin Bölek, fell martyr after 288 days on death fast. 

The AKP-MHP government is indifferent to the rightful and legitimate demands of the artists, thus sentencing them to death.


The demands of Grup Yorum are as follows:

Stop the pressure on Idil Culture Center,

Lift the ban on concerts, 

Remove group members from the various [terrorist] lists,

Release Grup Yorum members currently in prison,

Cancel all lawsuits filed against the band.