Kurdish artists' exhibition opens in Moscow

An exhibition of Kurdish artists opened in Moscow on 31 July.

On 31 July, Yeni Tretyakovka Art Gallery in Moscow has opened an exhibition by Kurdish artists. The 'Russia's Talent' Contemporary Art International Exhibition-Forum opened in the West wing of the gallery was organized with the support of Moscow Municipality, Russian Painters Union, Euro-Asian Painters Union and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The works of visual artists from Rojava were also exhibited at the gallery. Many oil paintings tell of what happened during the war in the Northern and Eastern Syria region and attracted the most attention. These paintings describe the lives of the people of Rojava who are trying to survive under siege and war conditions. Rojava has been fighting extremist groups for more than 10 years and it has become the center of the fight against terrorism.

It is not the first time that the works of painters and artists from Kurdistan have been exhibited in Russia. The 'Painting in Fire' exhibition, which describes the heroic resistance of the people of Rojava, was held in Moscow House of Nations, House of the Peoples of Russia and many other cultural institutions. These exhibitions were organized by the Russian Northern and Eastern Autonomous Administration Representation.

After the applications made by the Russian Kurdish Women and the Russian Representation of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration, the works of the Kurdish painters Jala Bakr Xıdır, Rodî Tahlo and Alan Roj were exhibited in the important art week organized by the World Art Fund's Russia Representative and Saint Petersburg Painters Union.

Alan Roj's 'Children of Shengal' won the 2nd award in the jury's special section, while Rodî Tahlo's 'Girl from Kobanê' won the 3rd award in the 'Portrait and Emotion' section. In the section 'Art Synthesis of Genres', ‘Migration’ by Jala Bakr Xdırın, from Sulaymaniyah in Basûrê Kurdistan, won the 3rd award.