Koma Amara releases new clip for 8 March

The guerrilla collective Koma Amara released a new clip on 8 March titled “Lê Dayê”.

The collective Koma Amara has released a new video clip for International Working Women's Day.

Commenting on the powerful contribution, the female artists' collective from the guerrilla explained: “With the spring of the peoples in the 21st century, the expression, resistance and originality of women, 8 March is no longer just one day of the year. Every day is 8 March. As guerrilla fighters and Koma Amara, we are at the forefront of the struggle with our art in this century, in which an important and great resistance is being carried out. We dedicate this song to all women and mothers. We dedicate it to Rêber Apo [Abdullah Ocalan] and all resistant women. Happy 8 March!"