Great interest in Öcalan’s book in Latin America

The first book of the Democratic Civilisation Manifesto by Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan was translated into Spanish and is being promoted in Latin America.

The promotion meetings in Latin America continue for the Spanish translation of the first of the 5-volume book series Democratic Civilisation Manifesto by Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, held in isolation in İmralı island for the last 17 years.

The book was translated by KNK member Mahmut Çolak Zerdeştî and historian and political scientist Atilio Boron wrote a foreword. The promotion meetings of Democratic Civilisation Manifesto had started on May 2 in Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. Meetings were held in Argentina and several cities in Uruguay, Paraguay and Brasil. Atilio Boron attended most of these meetings where Öcalan’s views on socialism, democratic modernity, ecology, jineology, capitalism and the Rojava revolution were discussed. The book was received with great interest from academic and scientific circles as well as the left and the women’s organisations in Latin America. KNK member Mahmut Çolak Zedeştî spoke to the ANF about the book, stating that the promotion meetings continued all over the continent and said: “People from diverse backgrounds attend the meetings we hold. There is great interest in Abdullah Öcalan’s views.”

Speaking to the ANF about the Spanish translation of the first volume of the Democratic Civilisation Manifesto by Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Mahmut Çolak Zerdeştî said: “The paradigm developed by Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan is one that clears the way for and develops the global democracy, therefore its promotion to all the peoples of the world is inevitable. In this sense, the need for this paradigm gets more dire every day in the Middle East specifically, but also in many countries throughout the world. The first volume in the Democratic Civilisation Manifesto, the defense text named Civilisation, is received with a great interest in Latin American countries and the progressive movements within. The need for a Spanish translation arose as the interest for the Kurdish People’s Leadership’s paradigm is at high levels from Latin American revolutionary tradition and revolutionary social movements, as well as Spanish being the mother tongue for more than 500 million people worldwide. They see it as a paradigm that can overcome the congestion faced by revolutionary movements and social movements. The promotion seminars and conferences immediately following the translation of the book were important.

Zerdeştî pointed out that the views of Abdullah Öcalan can play an important role as a hope and beacon of light for Latin American peoples in both analyzing their own reality and coming together with the Kurdish people and the Kurdistan revolution. He said; “ The friends of the Kurdish people here are also of this opinion, there is an expectation that the Defenses will both illuminate the reality of the Middle East and the Kurdistan revolution and contribute to Latin American revolutions.

One of the topics that garner the most interest is the central role of women’s freedom and women’s emancipation ideology in this paradigm, and more precisely, women’s emancipation being the fundamental guide of the paradigm has created great interest and excitement. This topic was discussed and analyzed intensely in the meetings. I can safely say that the interest was immense in all the cities and venues the meetings were held in up to now.”