"Dil Leyla" win documentary section at Nancy Film Festival

The documentary, by Asli Ozarslan, tells the story of the Cizre resistance and its mayor, Leyla Imret

Introducing the film “Dil Leyla” by Asli Ozarslan, winner of the documentary section of the Festival of Nancy (in France) jury president, Manuel Sanchez said: “A woman struggling against dictatorship, oppression, repression and freedom in the political arena”.

“Dil Leyla” is about the youngest and first female mayor of Cizre, a town in Kurdistan which went through curfew and state violence in 2015-6. 

The film tells the story of the resistance of Cizre and its mayor, Leyla Imret. 

"It is a struggle for everyone," Sanchez said, adding that freedom struggle against repression is a very present issue, and that those who work in cinema can not remain insensitive to these challenges.

Sanchez emphasized that they will try to show the documentary “Dil Leyla" elsewhere as well, 

"I am embarrassed - he said - that dictators like Erdogan are speaking in Europe and France is playing this game”.