Celebrating Murray Bookchin on his 100th anniversary

Online launch of the book "Enlightenment and Ecology: The Legacy of Murray Bookchin in the 21st Century".

On the occasion of Murray Bookchin's 100th birthday, a special an event to celebrate his life and work will be organised online due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

On 14 January at 1 pm EST, there will be the launch of the book Enlightenment and Ecology: The Legacy of Murray Bookchin in the 21st Century 

Murray Bookchin (1921-2006) revolutionized ecology rendering social ecology. He also revolutionized politics with a vision and programme for a new society where all people are free citizens. This transnational anthology brings together a new generation of intellectual/activists who seek to gather a movement ranging from municipalities struggling to become cities, and repressed Kurds working to create communities of gender equality, with ethnic tolerance, direct democracy, and ecological practices.

Among the contributors included are Jean-Francois Filion, Janet Biehl, Eirik Eiglad, Peter Piperkov, Reco Akgun, Wolfgang Haug, Theo Rouhette, Eve Olney, Stavros Karageorgakis, Kostas Papoulis, Brian Morris, Hawzhin Azeez, Roger Jacobs, Costas Despiniadis, Alexandros Schismenos, and Jason Toney. Editor Yavor Tarinski is independent researcher, activist and author.