Actress Emektar: Theater eliminates borders

Actress Berfin Emektar said that "theater eliminates borders" and has an important part of the developing of the arts field. 

Theater has an important place in history and still maintains its importance today. Actress Berfin Emektar said that theater has an important place in the field of arts as it provides a good venue and medium to deliver messages to the society.

Emektar added that theater has eliminated many borders. "Theater is a very new area in Kurdistan. We can say that in Bakur theater has a history of 25 years. When we look at 4 parts of Kurdistan, we can say that it has an older past but not in terms of form, text and scene."

Noting that theater contributes to the development of language, Emektar said that the people who follow theater in their own language were very impressed. "To me, - she said - theater plays an important role in preserving one's mother tongue. It has a great impact on children as well as adults. It has a very important place in the field of culture and art."

Referring to the impact of theater on children, Emektar said that children's plays are very effective. Speaking about the importance of Kurdish theater she said: "Unfortunately in our country, Kurdish is not used much in schools and other collective areas. When children watch a play on the stage, they realize that their language is not spoken only by their parents."

As to the role of women in theater, Emektar said: "In Kurdish theater, the suspicion of women friends is too much. We still haven't advanced in an original field. We take this as a self-criticism. From my point of view, I see this as a deficit. But women's consciousness is in all our texts. Again, we never allow sexist messages. We are developing our work to highlight the color and voice of women in all areas."