Zapatista and Kurdish women meet in Frankfurt

Zapatista delegates from the “Journey for Life” met in Frankfurt for an exchange on the possibilities of a joint struggle with activists from the Kurdish women's council Amara and the “Women Defend Rojava” campaign.

Representatives of the Amara women's council and the “Women Defend Rojava” campaign met with delegates from the Zapatista Gira Por La Vida (Journey for Life) in Frankfurt am Main. The Zapatista delegation arrived in the city on Wednesday and held talks with civil society groups for a week.

At the meeting on Friday evening, an exchange took place on the ideology of the Kurdish women's movement and the model of democratic confederalism. The Zapatistas informed the Frankfurt women about their own forms of organization. Afterwards, the possibilities of an international struggle against patriarchy and capitalism were discussed.

The activists of the Amara Women's Council presented the women from Chiapas with symbols of the Kurdish women's movement as gifts. The meeting ended with the slogan Jin, Jiyan, Azadî (Women, Life, Freedom).