YRD: KDP-AKP deliberately targeted journalist Nûjiyan Erhan in Shengal

Democratic Press Union (YRD) stated that the KDP-AKP gangs in Shengal deliberately targeted journalist Nûjiyan Erhan who is still in life-threatening condition.

Yekîtiya Ragihandina Demokratik-YRD (Democratic Press Union) Coordination released a statement regarding the deliberate shooting of journalist Nûjiyan Erhan by KDP-AKP gangs in Shengal during the attack of 3 March.

YRD remarked that people were waiting to see 'what Masoud Barzani sold this time' after his recent visit to Turkey, like the previous ones, and said the followings:

“It was seen later that the two sides had arranged everything to finalize the 73rd massacre of the Êzidîs. The AKP and KDP media organs were already spreading propaganda on this process for days with the intention of justifying this massacre against our Êzidî people. These truths will not remain in dark. Our friend Nûjiyan Erhan has been the voice of our Êzidî people in Shengal since the massacre that began on 3 august, 2014. Despite all the lack of opportunities and the pressures of the KDP, Nûjiyan Erhan never made concessions from her stance as a reporter, and she has duly done her duty and job so far. Gangs enemy to women see that the resistance of Kurdish women will bring their end. This is why they are attacking and raping them and want to enslave them.

The collaboration of the AKP and KDP gangs reveals their intention to create fake Kurds and to annihilate the free Kurds by promising a Kurdish state. They know no limits to this end. They hanged the flag of Kurdistan region on their own armored vehicles, and headed for the land of Êzidîs. Out of respect for their uniform and flag, fighters of Êzidxan tried to stop this shame in the first place. Our friend Nûjiyan was also there to show the world that these were not peshmergas but gangs of Erdoğan and Barzani, and to record this disgrace in history. However, she was the first to be targeted by the gangs.

Our journalist friend Nûjiyan Erhan was deliberately targeted by the AKP-KDP gangs, she was shot in the head in order for the truths to be left in the dark. The gangs revealed their true face and intention with this attack; to argue that 'they attacked first'. Still, what is more painful is that this was done by some people who call themselves Kurd. They want to suppress the will of the Kurdish people by means of this attack. Nûjiyan Erhan was targeted in the same way Shifa Gerdi had been targeted not many days ago.

Nûjiyan was at the same time the voice of Êzidxan women in pain. She was the voice of those mothers who were left barefoot, thirsty and hungry, but still did not leave their lands. Targeting Nûjiyan does therefore mean targeting the Êzidî women, it is a crime. This attack has clearly targeted the press. Alongside Nûjiyan, 3 other journalist friends of ours were also wounded."