YPJ: We dedicate the Raqqa victory to Öcalan and all the women

YPJ Commander Nesrin Abdullah said; “YPJ has been a hope for all the women of Syria during the Raqqa campaign, defending women from Kurdish, Arabian and other nations and all religions and planting seeds of brotherhood among peoples.”

YPG/YPJ-led Syrian Democratic (SDF) liberated Raqqa from ISIS occupation following a battle of 135 days.

Starting from early morning hours, hundreds of fighters from Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) started to gather at al-Naim Square where the liberation of the city was officially announced. The square, where ISIS gangs would commit mass executions, has been decorated with a huge image of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, flags of People’s Defense Units (YPG), Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), Shengal Women’s Units (YJŞ) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Making the official statement on behalf of YPJ Command, Nesrin Abdullah said they dedicated the Raqqa victory to Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and all the fighters who lost their lives during the liberation campaign.

Abdullah said they were making the statement in Arabic for their respect for the Arabian people, and pointed out the suffering of women who –she said- paid the heaviest price under the reign of male-dominant regimes. She stressed that the history of women, filled with pain, challenge, resistance and struggle, reached a new phase with the YPJ that was declared on April 4, 2013.

Abdullah remarked that ever since, the YPJ has undertaken the struggle of women’s history and started to end the suffering of women. She continued; “Women have freed themselves of the exploitative male regime in political, social, cultural and military aspects, and became a solution to the problems and builder of morals. The establishment of women’s army against Ahrar Al-Sham, Al-Nusra and ISIS was a response to the powers in Syria, and a major step serving for the peoples of Syria.”

She noted that more women have joined their army after their comrade Warşin mounted great resistance and fell a martyr for women’s emancipation, since when the military force of women has been the beacon of freedom for the peoples of Syria.

Defining women as a part of the resistance, Abdullah underlined that the women’s army has undertaken a leading role and mounted mighty resistance against the gangs since the very beginning, citing Arin Mirkan who sacrificed her life and became a symbol of victory, as well as comrades Şevîn, Sozdar, Hebûn, Silava, Zozan and dozens of other women who made clear with their stance that the women’s freedom march will never cease.

Putting emphasis on the ideological and strategic importance of the YPJ in the liberation of Raqqa, Commander Abdullah said the following; “Our fighters have played an active role since the launch of the Raqqa campaign. We have achieved this success shoulder to shoulder with YPG and SDF forces. YPJ has been a hope for all the women of Syria during the Raqqa campaign, defending women from Kurdish, Arabian and other nations and all religions and planting seeds of brotherhood among peoples.”

Abdullah continued; “We inflicted the heaviest blow on the gangs here which they called their capital. With this struggle of ours, we emancipated and glorified the trampled honor of Êzidî women. We have emancipated thousands of captive Êzidî women and children. Arab women who have joined the YPJ during this process declared two battalions under which they participated and gave a great struggle in the battle for Raqqa. Another battalion from YJŞ also took an active role and avenged their people in this campaign. We have rescued 450 thousand civilians from the clutches of the gangs and helped them reach safe zones. During the historic Raqqa campaign, 30 female fighters have fallen as martyrs. We dedicate the liberation of Raqqa to all the women of the world.”

The statement ended with the slogan “Jin, Jiyan, Azadi” [Woman, Life, Freedom] and celebrations in the area continue.